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Telluride Merit Badges from Whysnow

Merit badges are all the rage these days, and the inevitable fan designs are here for second tour. Fan ‘Whysnow‘ will have these badges for sale in Telluride, and Alpine Valley if supplies last. They are 1 for $3 and 2 for $5. Each badge is 1.5 inches in diameter and they are limited to an edition size of 300.  Whysnow has donated a couple of badges for future auctions for Mockingbird Foundation.

At Telluride look for Whysnow wearing a yellow Sleeping Monkey shirt!!!!

Telluride Wook Patch

PhanArt Best of Summer 2010, Leg 1

Finally rested and able to sort through all the fan and official merch that we picked up this tour, we present PhanArt’s Best of Summer 2010, Leg 1

Best official print: David Welker, CMAC, edition of 550, Size: 18 x 24 inches Edition: 550

Official CMAC print by David Welker

Best Official Merch: Merit Badges!

Prints didn’t always sell out, but these did. And when they are going for $50 a piece (via expressobeans.com) and the cost was potentially under $1, you gotta stand back and applaud whoever came up with this idea. Here’s to hoping it continues.

Actual Camden Badge
What the Camden badge should have been (via phishook)

Best Fan prints and shirts

Hartford Wilson/Whalers
Brother, by Uno
Much like the iPhone, this shirt does not make calls

SPAC produced some of the greatest fan prints. These four were some of the many seen on lot.

Jacob Palmer Mansfield Print
Cody Schibi SPAC
Bruce Horan SPAC
Antelope Stakes by Franky Scaglione

CMAC prints by Ryan DeClerck round out or Best of Summer 2010, leg 1 list. Share with your friends!

The only lot poster (we saw) at Canandaigua