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TRiPP’s New Fall Pins and State Print Series

TRiPP has some great new pins available for this fall. Included below are The 11, Starry Stealie, China Cat Sunflower, Big Wooly Mammoth and Autumn Stealie pins. These five pins are available in a matching number set or can be purchase individually. All pins are engraved with Tripp’s signature, the King Pin logo, and the # each is in the edition.

A set of all 5 pins is available now here, with matching numbers in each set.

TRiPP is also continuing his State Print Series with his second release of 50 prints for each state in the USA. TRiPPs Prints has released the first three states in the State Print series: GeorgiaMissouri, and California. The State Print series will include a single print for each of the 50 United States. Each state was picked at random from a jar. They are being released in the order in which they were chosen. Every print illustrates a natural attraction within the state. The name and outline of the state, as well as the number each was admitted into the union of the United States of America, are also displayed on every print. The second release coming in just a few days includes Connecticut, Michigan, and North Carolina. Only 50 of each state are being printed, with only 35 being available for purchase. All fifty states will be released by the end of 2011.

Right now, Missouri, Georgia and California are available while currently in production are Connecticut, North Carolina and Michigan. Get a sneak peak at them and the next states on deck here. The latest three prints will be available starting next week.