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Pins, Patches and Posters from Nate Russell

Nate Russell has been making art and music since he was a kid in school, but once he made his way to a few more Phish shows (and Shakedowns) it wasn’t long until he started making his own Phish art. Nate started making a large watercolor poster for each show he attended, rather than buying a poster. Pretty soon, his friends started asking for their own. Thus, Nate’s art has grown thanks to Phish.

This past tour Nate was on Shakedown and at shows with a tent/table for his brand, Roots Rock Rage. He started a business with a goal in mind to bring artists together to create music themed art and clothing to be sold on tour and at festivals.  There are only a handful of working on the project currently, doing  local shows in Humboldt, California, selling t-shirts, hats, handkerchiefs and backpacks. Moving forward, Nate wants each piece, whether it be a t-shirt, backpack, pin or poster, to be well designed, have physical beauty, evoke an emotional response (even if it is “Dude, Sweet!), and have meaning beyond the utilitarian or commercial. You can see more designs at www.RootsRockRage.com

The Sloth Pin with Moldavite Gemstone

“…They call me the sloth!” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment and museum grade moldavite (with a 100% replacement guarantee if gem is lost). Cost is $20

The Fluff Flips Pin

“The banker said, ‘I ain’t got that, but I sure got some powerful pills!'” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment. Cost is $ 15

The Roots Pin

“Page Side, Rage Side!” A high quality enamel pin with double pin attachment. Cost is $15

Nathan Russell’s Summer Tour Prints – Set of 6 for $30 plus shipping

5 watercolor prints and Nate’s first digital print. Each print measures 11″ x 17″ and is printed on 100lb cardstock. Artist originals available as well.

Air Phorce 2012 Summer Tour of Duty Merit Badges

A badge for every stop on leg 2! (Leg one currently sold out!) Each bar measures 3/4 x 1.5″, 3″ or 4″ made of quality ebroidered twill. Non-adhesive backing, available with optional pin backs (as shown). Full Set for $20 with individual prices in the Paypal button below.

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