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Tigers Sleep in Lily Patches hats from N’lytn Design


Tigers DO sleep in Lily patches! With art by Heath Fedorczak, this hat features a tiger resting comfortably in pink water lilies, with the words “So Stupendous!” across the back. A black hat with blue contrast stitching, the hat is made of acrylic wool and MADE in the USA out of a factory in Los Angeles, CA. Each hat costs $29.99 and can be purchased here. 

Dub Stop shirts from N’Lytn Design Co.

Introducing N’Lytn Design Co. (Pronounced Enlighten) is a new custom garment decoration service. Unlike conventional screen printers, or heat transfer sublimations, N’Lytn is using a Direct to Garment printing method. What this allows is an array of colors with a very soft hand, as the design is printed directly onto the garment. With a wide selection of blank apparel to choose from, and the ability to print your digital art directly on it, we allow you to create exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike screen printers, we have the ability to do one offs and short runs without exorbitant set up fees. We also offer a wide variety of printing services, such as canvas art reproduction, coffee cups, ceramic tiles, wood, and much much more. With no set up time, we are able to provide quick turn around on orders placed with time sensitive demands. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries!
PhanArt first saw this shirt on the lots at UIC. We found Keith and got in touch with him to showcase the shirt on PhanArt. Here’s the story behind the shirt:
Dub Stop. Don’t Step. The message is clear. Dubstep, in it’s current form, is plaguing our scene. It’s angry frequencies and excessive use of Low Frequency Output filter have gone too far. When will the madness end? The general populous of Dubstep shows are too high to even realize the music is horrible. Am I opinionated? Probably, but I’m certainly not the only one who sees it this way. The first run of shirts printed went to UIC Pavilion in August, and overall had a very positive response. Lack of plus sizes and women’s sizes was a drawback, and has been remedied! The front features the DUB STOP ala RUN DMC styling, while the back reminds you “Don’t Step“, with a great man’s handprint on the shoulder, as if he is placing his arm around you, gently reminding you that this is not the way. Bassnectar’s Lighting Engineer got a kick out of the shirts, even though Dubstep pays his bills. FREE SHIPPING!