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No Dogs Allowed: Phish MSG New Years Print by Franky Scaglione

It’s that time of year again… Phish in New York City for the holidays just seems to make sense, and heading back to the East Coast jibes nicely. 2012 has been a great year, and I’m excited to ring in the next in classic fashion… back in NYC at Madison Square Garden!
Living in The City this past summer, I took nearly every train in every direction, and became fascinated with the infrastructure. I knew I wanted to do a print highlighting the magic of the NYC underground… and, naturally, No Dogs Allowed came to mind. Borrowing the theme from Trey’s playful lyrics, “there wouldn’t be room for the people at all; the trains would be cluttered with dogs big and small,” I wanted to illustrate all of our favourite dogs of Phish fame: McGrupp (the fleahound), Shaggy Dog (the puli), Runaway Jim (the greyhound), Harpua (the bulldog), and even Poster Nutbag (the cat).

No Dogs Allowed is a limited edition screen print run of 150 on archival 100lb French Poptone black paper (24″ x 18″), all signed and numbered. Please contact me if you are interested in pre-ordering a print… I’ll take requests for numbers on a first come-first serve basis, and will ship pre-orders BEFORE I leave for New York (until December 23). Orders placed after December 23 will ship on January 3. Price is $25 plus $10 shipping/handling, in a reinforced postertube, etc. to anywhere in the US/Canada. As always, all subscribers (who have purchased at least four consecutive prints) will be receiving free shipping (and of course, you’ll receive the same number print that you’ve gotten in the past); just remind me when you send payment. For anyone that would like to become a subscriber, I am happy to reserve the same print number for you (as long as it’s still available) and guarantee you free shipping for every print after four purchased. Please just let me know…

No Dogs Allowed
NYE 2012
Edition of 150
100lb French Poptone black paper
24″ x 18″
Inks: red, white, METALLIC silver

Oh, and I just have to ask… can anyone help me out tracking down a ticket? I have all the tickets I need for the holiday run, EXCEPT one ticket for NYE. I have an extra for December 30, and I am willing to trade it (plus throw in an extra $20 and a print) for your extra December 31. Thanks so much for keeping me in mind!

Holiday Best,

The print is also available at my Etsy site: vimcolourstudio.com