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Vinny Naro’s “Immortality”

Immortality“, a 16″ x 25” giclee art print on 250 gsm archival rag paper is the latest from Vinny Naro. In a limited edition of 25, “Immortality” is signed, numbered, and with COA. Only 20 are available. Vinny will be making different screen printed color variants on black paper, each to be released in batches of 20 or so this winter.

Based on Leonardo DaVinci’sVitruvian Man drawing and its proportions, this is sci-fi concept art to the max! Made to look like it is a lost page (pg.420!) from DaVinci’s own notebook; this describes cryonic re-animation with a mechanical body. It also is a depiction of my own artistic metamorphosis. The Secret of Immortality is written in ASCII binary, backwards and the print is riddled with tons of tiny details.

These are $52.00 includes shipping. Send paypal to vinnynaro@yahoo.com

There are also 12×18″ indigo press variants available; not signed or numbered, on 100lb. uncoated stock for $20 (includes shipping) or $10 in person.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Mockingbird.