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Rage Side Print by Andrew Cariboni

Andrews Art Prints presents a new print inspired by the infamous Page Side, Rage Side.
From the artist: “I’ve been here before on countless occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike’s side, floors, behind the stage, out in the hallway, etc, etc. But I absolutely loooove to rage Page Side.”

This is a numbered and signed 1/200 limited edition print. It is printed on an 15″ by 18.5″ thick matted stock.

Acrylic on canvas
Buy now: Rage Side

The artist will donate 10% of PhanArt sales to The Mockingbird Foundation.

Page Side Onesie & Antelope Tank Top from ThirdEyeUp Designs

Page Side Rage Side Onesie
Everyone knows that Page Side is the place to get down! Check out this ThirdEyeUp design of the Peanuts characters ragin to some Page. Hand silkscreened onesie printed with blue ink on your choice of a light blue or lavender onesie. Cost is $12.50 + $3.00 shipping.



Hand Drawn & Printed Antelope Tank Top
…Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul….you’ve got to run like an antelope, out of control”
Get ready for summer tour with this ThirdEyeUp design hand designed and printed tank top.
Women’s Phish Antelope tank top printed with blue and gold ink on a tri-blend super soft coffee colored American Apparel tank top.
Designed with love and hand silkscreened in our Lake Tahoe Studio.
$22.00 + $3.50 shipping



As long time members of the music scene, we became excited with the art that people were creating so began making some things ourselves. We self taught the trade and began screen printing in the Spring of 2008. We sold our art on the lot scene for bands such as Phish, The Dead and SCI. We created all of our work by hand in our 1 bedroom apartment in SF. After the birth of our son, we relocated to Truckee, CA where we continue to work out of our house (Tahoe Studio) continuing to create unique, hand-done inspiring prints.

Page Side Rage Side Panties by Jason and Jesse

After three years in the works, the Page Side Rage Side panties made their lot debut in Chicago this summer. These boyshorts/panties are on a 95/5 cotton/spandex blend. Page Side is printed on the front and a small fishbone and Rage Side across the entire back. They come in sizes Small, Medium, and Large and in three colors of pink, orange and turquoise. One pair is $20 plus $1.60 for shipping.

Page Side and Golgi onesies by Fluff & Feather

Babies are Phans too! Here are two designs from Colleen Mihal for the youngest phans! The “I Get Down Page Side” is a Fluff & Feather original, printed in our San Francisco studio on 100% cotton. This onesie is blue and red ink printed on white and is $12.50 including shipping.





Look into the microscope and check this super sweet Golgi onesie – a cross pollination creation of Phish’s Golgi Apparatus song and Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic Gonzo fist clutching a peyote button. Complete with a ticket stub in it’s hand… Your baby will be looking fresh for 2013 summer tour! This onesie is made from hand pulled silkscreens made in Collene’s San Francisco studio and is $12.50 including shipping.





Guyute Draught and PageSide is RageSide shirts from Jeb

These shirts from Jeb, seen on lot this summer, are $15 for Small, Medium, Large and XL or and $18 for XXL with $3 shipping per order. Order below each image.


Guyute draught logo
Shirts are natural color



Page Side is the rage side
Shirts are natural color


Rage Side shirts

Mike designed these shirts while working a college internship and he wants to be able to catch some shows. The original purpose of selling shirts on lot (and online) is alive and well!

The RAGE SIDE shirt is printed on 100% Gildan Cotton and they can be found at Portsmouth and Superball for sure and possibly Raleigh as well.

This shirt is SOLD OUT!