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The Art of Lauren Domsky

Lauren Domsky is a starving artist and recent college graduate who has recently taken up painting within the last couple months. She came up with several ideas for paintings, each one based on Phish lyrics. Harry Hood was the first one created as a birthday present for her brother (Harry Hood is his favorite Phish song).

Lauren attended the Hershey show and both Camden shows and sold her prints in the lots.  Some positive sales led to more art being created upon the return trip home.

After completing Harry Hood, she began asking her brother’s friends what their favorite phish songs were.  The Slave to the Traffic Light painting is dedicated to Mr. Michael Nesson, an avid Phish fan and concert goer.

Lauren now has nine Phish paintings and each one has been made into prints. She has always been inspired by Phish’s unique lyrics and has finally found a way to express the songs and lyrics she has adored for so many years.

Water in the Sky is Lauren’s most recent painting which was inspired by the first night of Camden, 6/24/10. When she heard Trey singing the words on stage, Lauren suddenly had a vision of lips sighing beneath a landscape of clouds and drops of rain. The next day she immediately began working on the painting.

As of now, she has made 5 prints of each of the 9 paintings so supplies are limited! The prints cost $20.00 each. They measure 11” x 18”.

You can see more of Lauren’s work at more at www.ldphishprints.wordpress.com


Roll away the Dew
Beauty of a Broken Heart
Squirming Coil of Sunset
Fly Famous Mockingbird
Mike Gordon Owl
Water in the Sky

Greg Brenner: Abstract Phish Artist

Gregory Brenner is an artist and phan, having seen the boys since Red Rocks 96.   Since their return, he has been working on a bunch of new pieces.  He is also a contributor to Surrender to the Flow fanzine, which include his drawings and designs.

Greg has created a Gamehendge series of prints  that are $20 for each 11″X14″ print. Greg has already donated a $40 from the sale of these posters, and will continue to donate $10 from each Gamehendge print to the Mockingbird Foundation.  He also sells the entire Gamehendge series in a set of postcards (4″X6″),  $8 for the whole set, of which $5 is donated to MBird

Gamehendge series

-Rutherford The Brave
-Divided Sky
-Colonel Forbin’s Ascent
-The Sloth
-Fly Famous Mockingbird

(“AC/DC Bag” & “Icculus” have already been sold)

To purchase these or other work by Greg, check out these sites:

For Original Pieces :  http://gregree.artspan.com
For Prints : http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7827822 For the Gamehendge Series: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7827822&section_id=6355555

Rutherford The Brave
Rutherford The Brave
Divided Sky
Divided Sky

Greg also has original drawings that he makes prints of  and sells them for $150-$250 each.

The Lucky Thirteen
The Lucky Thirteen
Lucky Stars
Lucky Stars
Amazing Brooks
Amazing Brooks