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TRiPPs Prints *TOMORROW* Exciting Online Store Release

t star logo white on black 

Store Release 9.23.11



TRiPPs Prints  will be releasing three vibrant new prints tomorrow: Friday, September 23rd at 9am MST. These prints are the first pieces available in the State Print series, announced earlier this year.


The State Print series will include a single print for each of the 50 United States. Each state was picked at random from a jar. They are being released in the order in which they were chosen.



Every print illustrates a natural attraction within the state. The name and outline of the state, as well as the number each was when admitted into the union of the United States of America are also displayed on every print. 


The first piece, “California”,  is a hand printed silk screen on cotton paper. This 5 color print depicts Yosemite National Park .



The second piece, Missouri, is also a hand printed silk screen on cotton paper. This 5 color print illustrates the Lake of the Ozarks.    


The third piece, Georgia, is a hand printed silk screen on cotton paper as well. This 5 color print  is of Okefenokee Swamp at dusk.


Printed using archival inks and natural mineral fibers, these prints are 100% archival and will not fade.


Each of these were printed in an edition of 50, with only 35 of each state being released for purchase.


In addition to these prints, we will also be releasing a very limited number of the following prints:

Denver PH 2011 night two Denver PH 2011 night three

Dick’s nights two & three

Clarkston PH Bethel PH

Clarkston & Bethel Woods

Cinncy PH Cuyahoga Falls PH

Cinncinati & Cuyahoga Falls

Darien PH 2011


Deer Creek PH 2009 Asheville PH 2009

Deer Creek “Pheelin Phine” 2009


Asheville “Phunky Town” 2009


ALL of these prints will be available beginning tomorrow, Friday, September 23rd @ 9am MST on


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TRiPPs Prints
Denver, Colorado


Donations, Spring and Early Summer 2011

Special thanks goes to the following artists who were featured on PhanArt in the past four months!

They have been incredibly generous and through their efforts and donations, they will support the efforts of Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Pin Me Down Four different Phish pins

Jeff Crookes Two each of: Lego Chairman, Lego Cactus and Lego Big Red, plus a Big Red pin donation at Bethel Woods

Brian Kushner of PhanBadge3 watkins magnets, 2 guyutica magnets, 3 watkins badges, set of festival badges

Branden Otto$45

Jambandistan Art collective $50

Jiggs (3) $30 donations and a $33 donation

Adam Davidoff coins and balls$9

Buds 2 Lennon posters and 2 Makisupa shirts

Maria DiChiappari – Bethel Poster and SuperBall IX poster

Jonathan Lamb of Like Minded Productions Designing and printing poster for Tahoe Poke Tourny for Mockingbird

Nate Colby: $6.14

Mike O’Donnell – $10

Douglas whitworth and Ben Whitesell Camden, Cincy and Bethel prints

John Corbett$3

Matt Jurcic and 10 Tube DesignsBuffalo bill pin, Sleeping monkey pin, Cavern pin

AJ Masthay – 10 posters to Waterwheel Foundation

Total: $246.14 and 46 pieces of Phanart for sale through auctions and art shows, like Da Mock Show, August 16th, Noon to 5pm, right next to UIC!

Da Mock Show: A free poster show on 8/16 near UIC

Da Mock Show wil be held Tuesday, August 16 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm at Gallery 400, 400 S. Peoria Street, Chicago, IL

Da Mock Show is a FREE public art exhibition featuring:

Dan Grzeca

Bruce Horan

Fred Hosman (Hosco Press)

Ryan Jerzy

Ryan Kerrigan

Jonathan Lamb (Like Minded Productions)

AJ Masthay (Masthay Studios)

Ian Millard

Mike Ortiz (Like Minded Productions)

Jim Pollock (Pollock Prints)

Tim Ripley

Nate Duval


Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine)

Steve Walters (Screwball Press)

David Welker

Drew Findley (Subject Matter Studio)

Justin Helton (Status Serigraph)

David Welker

More Artists TBA

Da Mock Show is located just 522 feet from da UIC Pavilion!!!!!!

You may proceed north on foot using either Racine Avenue or Morgan Street across da Eisenhower Expressway / Congress Parkway. Turn right at W. Van Buren Street and Turn Right again at Peoria Street.

You may also cross the pedestrain bridge at da CTA Blue Line UIC-Halsted station along Peoria Street and proceed directly to da show.

PhanArt’s Best of 2010

2010 has been an amazing year for PhanArt on the lot and on the web. More and more art is being made by a larger number of fans, due to Phish’s return to full touring, more fans looking to share their creativity and the influence of the band in their lives, as well as a way to make it from show A to show B.

While we do not favor any art on the blog above any other art, this is the time of year when we share the Top fan creations of 2010 based on comments, reaction from phans at shows and online, as well as the creativity the artist put into the work. All PhanArt made in the last year has been amazing, and we think the following are some of the best.

This year we have 11, since we are ready to say hello to 2011

#10 Deer Creek Friday the 13th by lotlifestyle.com

These posters were seen briefly online before a last-minute trip out to Deer Creek, and we spotted them after night 1. We picked up a couple for ourselves and the good folks at lotlifestyle.com got in touch with us. Friday the 13th doesnt happen on tour very often so this creative effort is worth noting for its rarity and simplicity

#9 Isadora Bullock Deer Creek

This deer haunts our dreams. Now it haunts yours. Merry Phishmas!

#8 Ryan Kerrigan Broomfield

Brooms in a field. Simple and done well. Classic Kerrigan.

#7 Hartford Whalers/Wilson shirt

Combine the greatest defunct hockey team with Phish and you get this shirt. The weird thing: we never found out who was selling these on tour this summer. If you know who sold them, get them in touch with us!

#6 Bruce Horan’s SPAM SPAC

A street art feel and a play on words leads to a simple print that is anything but simple. Horan’s dedication to the craft is seen in the level of detail in this print.

#5 Eric Weber’s ‘Phreedom’

A great font + the most iconic of NYC images + Phish = Phreedom. An amazing senior project and entry into the world of PhanArt

#4 Brother shirt by UnoClay

Available ONLY on lot, UnoClay went all Nintendoo on us, coming up with a unique shirt (the back has the ? block and says ‘somebody’) that has detail worked into it. For fall he one upped himself – Birds of a Feather and Duck Hunt. Just when you thought shirt ideas were limited to corporate logos, along come games. Who’s making Call of Duty/Kill Devil Falls?

#3 AJ Masthay MSG

Not just one but THREE posters all sharing part of an aquarium. The first poster – the 30th comes on fierce as usual; the second – the 31st shows the ball dropping; the third – the 1st, is serene, as we will all be in recovery mode and asked to dance one more time to start the new year and decade.

#2 Lizzy Layne’s Fuck Your Face

A picture is worth a thousand words. Lizzy’s Holiday Run print has 3 words, so 3 x 1000 = 3000 words. Therefore, this poster is worth 3000 words AND tells you what to do with your face. Appropriate for work, home or the RV heading to the show.

and the #1 piece of PhanArt in 2010 is…………………..

#1 Vinny Naro’s Halloween Poster

Drawing by hand is one thing. Nearly everyone can do that. Drawing in pen and ink in extreme detail, and using nothing else in the process is painstakingly hard and takes a level of commitment that is rarely seen anywhere. Vinny Naro’s Atlantic City print is remarkable in its detail – the three clocks show 10:29, 10:30 and 10:31, respectively. The pipe organ is drawn to resemble the original that is housed in Boardwalk Hall (but in need of repairs, hence not being used that weekend). Satan is playing the pipe organ with his own devilish tune, and the designs throughout exhibit precision towards each facet of his work. Referring to this as a work of art is an understatement. We got this framed right after the shows.

PhanArt’s Brief review of the Best Phish New Years Run in the last decade

Ok, so the title of this post is a bit misleading – there were really only 2 other runs – NY->VA in 02/03, and Miami 03/04, and these pale in comparison to the amazing music, weather, phans and overall good time had by thousands in Miami December 28th-31st.

Full moon risin

Overall, this is in the top 5 all time New Years runs, right behind the 2 nights in Big Cypress, the 1998 run at MSG and on par with the 1997 run through the Northeast. Amazing music that was well played and full of bustouts galore to satisfy even the most ardent Phish fan.

We provide you with brief reviews created by PhanArt Pete with help from Tim O’Shea, both of whom made it through a week in Florida with all that 2009 could throw at them and made it into 2010 watching the sunrise on the beach while Lady Gaga chilled nearby.

Kuroda is a golden god of some sort

Monday 12/28 – A good start

A smooth start to the show, a My Soul bustout followed by Roggae‘s amazing return to the lineup. My Soul is a personal favorite, having been seen in Albany for the first couple shows I saw in 97 and 98. Undermind was good, Bouncin and Poor Heart gave a chance to grab a drink from the vendors on 300 who had no lines, period (best venue ever for that). Stash was played perfectly, IDK and Beauty were nice, Possum rocked the set out and got us ready for set 2 madness.

Taste the rainbow

Set 2 with Mike’s to open got us moving, but the Light destroyed the theory/hope that they would play ALS->Light on 12/31, but no complaints. Still having not listened to it, i heard something resembling DEG, and even if it’s not that, its a jam that is possibly on of the best of the run. H2, groove, Alaska and BDTNL were all well played and kept the crowd dancing.  Makisupa->Hood was another highlight, complete with some unreal jamming before devolving into Contact.  Zero to close it out and First Tube for yet another rocking ending.

We toyed with the idea of going to Orchard Lounge for the post-show, but a long drive down from NY, even with a night in Orlando made it tough to stay up late. The sweet suite we got at the Best Western Atlantic beckoned to be given Rock Star Treatment there instead.  Based upon reports, IHOP was enjoyed by all.

Those trampolines are way too high for YEM

Tuesday 12/29  – Right near da beach. Boy-eeee!

Quick, name the movie that comes from. Answer at the end of this day’s review.

Great views back here

A full day to relax, finally, after 3-4 days of holidays, packing, running around, and preparing for these 4 days.  We headed to the beach, scared the locals and Europeans staying at our hotel and wandered into the ocean, which was much warmer than expected. The sandbar and the rolling waves made for a good pre-show exercise regime that worked pretty well. Stretching and getting into dancing mode takes effort and practice it turns out.

Ocean-view suite FTW

We headed to the lots and sold some Miami NYE shirts for Jiggs and Twitter shirts for ourselves, met up with Paulie from Coventry Blog, Brandon from Green Crew and made some new friends here and there.

Good lord why are the walls melting?
good lord why are the walls melting?

This was at the time I found out that it takes TWO hours to find drugs in Miami! I was amazed! Now, I dont partake in anything more than beer, but from what the others around us in the lots, it took them up to TWO hours to locate things that were expected to be available much easier. Scarface lied to us. Turns out it wasnt a documentary.

The show proved to be the 2nd best overall from the run (in our opinion). Golgi to open and Maze to follow again got the show on the right foot, with a Driver to set us up before the funk set in deep.  Oh but wait, we’re gonna drop The Connection on you first! The second time this radio single from ’04 was played and it was well received. The words still hung true, the fans loved it, and then we got Wolfman‘s, which was good and high energy, but nothing standout/spectacular.  Ocelot was Ocelot, Reba was amazing, Access Me was a good version even though the crowd didnt seem to react much to it. Either fans dont know the songs at times or they are still reacting with jaws agape. Divided Sky had the longest silent note ever, and Cavern was called by Tim to end the set.

Behind the stage is really nice sometimes

Set 2 started ever so perfectly with Kill Devil Falls rocking the start of the show and then a BOMB of a Tweezer dropped on the crowd.  Thank Trey that this song has found its old jamming style.  A segue into Prince Caspian showed that this song is more than the old ‘Fuckerpants‘ of yesteryear. Once that ended, we were bring you one of the Jams of the Weekend! Jibboo->Wilson->Jibboo->Heavy Things->2001. Starting out with one of my most overseen songs (Jibboo) made it unique by dropping a Type II out of there and headed into Wilson before heading BACK into Jibboo! My legs hated me later, but the band simply couldnt keep me down. Segueing into Heavy Things led to some later jamming from Trey in a song that is otherwise standard most of the time. But they spaced it out and eventually made it into 2001 for the Dance Party Miami U.S.A. to begin in earnest.  Funky and more dancier than lately, a bit energetic, and then a good call with Slave to rest our (my) legs. Sleeping Monkey and Tweeprise for a solid encore.

So did you guess Half-Baked? Nice work Phanner!

Wednesday 12/30 – Mock Show FTW!  Phish saves the day

Mock Show traffic

Mock Show at the Hyatt in downtown Miami was as successful as previous ones and featured more artists than ever (it seemed like it at least).  New PhanArtists Franky Scaglione and Vinny Naro were there and set up nearby, along with Ryan Kerrigan, AJ Masthay, Isadora Bullock, Andrew Abis, as well as David Welker, who made designed the RIFT cover art, plus an exhibit by Jim Pollock and the first ever Acoustic Set by Ft. Lauderdale natives The Heavy Pets! We have some great pics of this as well, since hte PhanArt table was right across from the stage.

Overall, Mock Show was a success – sold a few PhanArt books, made money for Mockingbird, sold some shirts, cleaned Jiggs out of “A laser pointer doesnt make you Chris Kuroda” stickers, and had a great time meeting folks from Facebook, Twitter, email, lot, old shows, etc… Mock Shows are the greatest gathering of bona fide talent out there amongst all music-centric artists and should continue to be a great success at Phish’s next extended run of shows this coming summer. Thank you to Julie P for coming in and helping out with the PhanArt table!

Aquarium Airlines Arena

Night 3 made Night 2 look like an acoustic Particle show. To better describe this night, I quote Trey Monkeystasio“12/30/09 is gonna make 12/30/97 look like 12:30 at Applebees!” And indeed, this was true.  From the first notes of Soul Shakedown Party, it was ON. Jim was present, then JESUS! Good lord have I listened to TOO MANY bands cover this song before I finally heard it! Dixie Cannonball was a great listen, I’m glad they are working some countryish tunes back into the mix, especially since Ramble Dove and The Green Sparrow seem to have been left out of the rotation yet again. Stealing Time took its place as a bona fide rocker before, but that is getting more and more solidified each day. Corrina bust out was unreal, and 10 years to the date as well! This boded well.

How well? What’s the Use? was next! God bless the guy who was shouting this to them from behind the stage. And then the notes we had been hoping to hear – TELA!!! Tim and I took one look at each other and hugged that we FINALLY got our Tela! Dreams do come true with Phish, they really do.  Gone was cool, but really, after Tela, the WOW factor had set in.

Seriously, these lights are awesome.

Even though I’m over the hump on # of shows, I still had never caught Rocky Top, I always missed it by one or two shows. I had my drink in hand as i heard the opening notes and walked through my curtain to 118, only to find a guy about to walk into me, spilling my tasty beverage. Nothing was keeping me from Rocky Top, and as such, I made sure that I got past him and to my seat before Gordo sang the opening line. Chalkdust and Bowie for the nice double rocker close.  Bowie had a slightly extended hi-hat intro, something that is needed in the future – BUILD the anticipation Fish!

Set 2 we moved behind the stage to hang with Julie and Tracy for some severely underrated seats and shots (these will be well worth seeing when we get the pics up).  Sand started out but wasn’t a Camden rocker, but simply apt. The Curtain With was solid before an unexpectedly amazing Lifeboy. The jam out of this song was great.  (Overheard on Lot/Twitter: Do atheists love or hate Lifeboy?) A Type II’d Back on the Train was the rocker of the night, and even the jam into Wading was amazing.  Velvet Sea is best described in this case as a ‘Lifeguard Song‘, a phrase we can attribute to Paulie from Coventry Blog. Definition: a song played to tell everyone to sit down, rest, relax, grab some water or tasty beverage and then wait for the next song; a break song. See: Velvet Sea, Bug, Farmhouse, Joy, Let me Lie, etc…

This band rules

HYHU for ‘another’ vacuum solo proved to be a great crowd-interaction by inviting up ‘Rich‘ from the floor near the stage to come and do a vacuum solo, as Fish had completed his final solo of the ‘aughts’ (worst name ever) on the 28th. So Rich started out slowly but got the hang of it and gave us an above-average vacuum solo for us to enjoy.  Not bad at all bro! To top it off, Rich is now the luckiest guy on earth and eternally famous in Phish-lore for decades to come.  So we must ask – do you know him? If so, we want to hear from Rich!  Have him email us! phanart@gmail.com

Free was a great way to start ending the 2nd set, but the highlight of the night and possibly jam of the run was Boogie on Reggae Antelope. Teases of the guitar riff in Antelope make this version A#1 to listen to if you haven’t already. Frankenstein with Keytar allowed Page to strut towards the front of the stage and rock out with this number.  By the time we left the arena, it was officially New Years Eve and time to party down on the beach. While my favorite dive bar in the country would have to wait another night, the beach gave us a nice light warm breeze.

Oh, and we saw people having sex in a hot tub. It was a good thing we saw this, because our plans for the 31st involved going in that hot tub.  STDs averted.

Thursday 12/31 – Good riddance 2009, HELLO 2010

Few words describe 2009, most of them vulgar. It sucked, to put it very mildly. But Phish was in Miami, Tim and I were dressed as Crockett and Tubbs – pulled it off really well with fake badges and aviators, even had a kid thing I was a NARC. How cute.

In the still, of the night.....

We found ours seats Page Side diagonal behind the stage and made sure the drinks and supplies were in order (confetti and mardi gras beads and other things for the ladies).  I think Tim and I wound up seeing about 15 or so shows together this stupendous year for Phish, and it was highly appropriate to see that through the end at New Years.  Party Time opener was expected, but instead we got AC/DC Bag, the opener of the year, followed by a rocking 46 Days and a 10 years later version of Water in the Sky. A sick Gin and Punch gave way to the funk being dropped out for Moma.  This so far was a greatest hits set of set openers and gave way to even more bustouts.

Guyute has always been a personal favorite of mine (PhanArt Pete) and seeing Trey with the New York Philharmonic makes the song even better, even in concert with Phish! Swept->Steep was awesome to hear after 9+ years, but DEMAND? WHAT? WHATWHATWHAT? WOW!  The only thing that could have made Demand better was a Melt Jam outro, but no, we arent complaining.  The segue into 7 Below was top notch and a Lawn Boy Julius kept us pumped for the rest of the year of Phish

Set 2 came out with a Rock and Roll-> Piper for a good 20 minutes+ of glowsticks and dancing, a Simple->Theme was solid, before a much needed Shine a Light (lifeguard song) came in next. Ghost was possibly the jam of the night, a no-flub tight fast-paced version with a good funk jam that kept growing and growing before spacing out into something totally different. As it got ambient and spacy, loops were thrown in and before you knew it, Mike was speaking the lyrics to N02! From where we were sitting, few knew what this was.  Folks, ya gotta do your homework and all, but it is problably for the best you got a big WTF reaction to N02, something stay true for the WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA that IS N02.

Steve, I can see you! awesome!

Suzy ended the set in standard rocking fashion. It was time to prepare for Midnight. Drinks were in hand, brahs were finding their way to better seats, the kids behind me were appreciative of the Don Julio I shared with them, and the boom was lowered for the net for the prank.  The cannon made its way on stage as well.  Good work to the guys who took care of this, it came off flawlessly! (Anyone know the setbreak music between 2 + 3? We would love to hear this again. Good work Kuroda!)

The expected Party Time opener was well-received by the crowd and the energy only built as the ball was lowered in the last minute of 2009 before being left on the stage, turning all of AAA into a gigantic disco ball. Numbers were counted backwards, old Scottish Drinking songs were played, and hugs were had everywhere! I even hugged a dready brah next to me! Phish makes you do crazy shit!

As was expected and called well in advance, DWD was the first song of 2010, just like it was the first song of the last decade from Big Cypress. The jam for this overshadowed by the thousands of balloons that worked their way around the crowd and arena over the course of the next few minutes. Fluffhead had more crowd interaction. Sara from Pittsburgh came on stage (Fish in a wig and dress) and the antics began, Fluffhead was played, laughs were had.

The middle trampoline says 'greater than or equal to, less than or equal to'

Note – we love this crowd interaction stuff, but not just because we get cool fans on stage to take part in a song or other onstage antics. Rather, we have the best possible reaction by the band and their management to the Naked guy from 12/5/09 in Charlottesville. The latter does NOT need to become a trend, and was noted as such in the recent Editorial by Christy Articola in Surrender to the Flow. This is a good faith effort by the band to protect for their safety and keep fans in the crowd and the band safe on stage.



Joy for a nice relax in the new year, Coil for the same, and YEM to rock the house down one more time.

The encore of Blue Moon was apt on this night of a second full moon this year, complete with complete thank you’s to all, and then Loving Cup to end the night.

sunrise on south beach

We wandered off into the night, amazed at the four nights of music we just witnessed, and found our way to a cab a few blocks north. A trip to the Sunrise Cafe (Collins and 42nd st.) was the best decision for the New Year, and we enjoyed the beach and Don until the sun rose.  Just like 10 years ago.

A bit older, a lot wiser, a bit more grown up and still able to travel and see music as much as is needed; welcome to 2010 where we can only hope things get better.  Where there is hope, there is love.

Happy New Years to all!

PhanArt Pete, with Tim O’Shea

Miami posters featured at Mock Show

This upcoming NYE run in Miami has one of the best events Phish fans have to offer: the semi-annual Phish poster convention, MOCK SHOW: Epic NYE


Fans going to Miami will have some great music at night, but more importantly, what to do during the day?  On Wednesday December30th at Epic Hotel (located just blocks from American Airlines Arena) Mock Show will take place from 10am-3pm and feature dozens of artiststhat Phish fans are familiar with, as well as new faces to the community of Phish artists.

Even if you have never bought a poster outside the lots, or dont know what to expect, go to Mock Show and check out the art. Part gallery and part exhibition, posters will be on sale from artist’s portfolios with donations made to HeadCount, the beneficiary of charitable donations made at Mock Show.

Check out our gallery of art that is available for sale at Mock Show!

PhanArtists such as Ryan Kerrigan, Tripp, AJ Masthay, Isadora Bullock, Fred Hosman of HoscoPress, Bruce Horan, Erin Cadigan, Uncle & Aunt Ebeneezer, Noah Phence, Ryan Jerzy, Jamie Huntsman, Vince Naro, and Franky Scaglione will have their art on display, as will Michael OrtizJon Lamb of LikeMindedProductions, Ian Millard and Drew Findley of Subject Matter Studios. Mock Show creator and PhanArtist Jason Kaczorowski will be showcasing hisconcert/festival and celebrity portrait photography in a special exhibition.

Included amongst the artists are non-profit organizations Waterwheel FoundationMockingbird FoundationPhanArt (thats us!) and the main beneficiary from the event, Headcount. Headcount will be sponsoring an exciting opportunity for patrons to engage themselves in the democratic process of voting by helping stage a juried art event wherein patrons will receive ballots upon entry (and previously online) to “vote” for the their artists spanning various categories including “Best of Show”, “Best New Artist”, “Best Mock Show Poster” among others.

These votes will be tallied and awards will be presented during a catered VIP banquet ceremony Thursday, December 31st, 2009 from Noon-4pm. The awards ceremony will feature an additional surprise roster of artists exhibiting in a currently undisclosed location. Check back November 30th when tickets go on sale to learn how you can be one of only 100 special VIP guests to attend this inaugural awards ceremony dubbed “The Posties” where the coveted “Golden Tubes” will be distributed to artists voted best in their field. You’ll have a unique opportunity to talk candidly with artists, browse an exclusive collection of fine art on display, attend the afternoon’s inaugural “Posties” ceremony all while enjoying a premium open barand delicious hors d’oeuvres. More information at on the Mock Show website starting Monday, November 30th, 2009 when tickets go on sale.