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Pheesh Porcelain creations by Matt Pace

Matt Pace makes these Pheesh for remembering our great times and the people we meet there. The origin of these ‘Pheesh’ comes from a surf trip to Hawaii c.1987.  Having never heard of Phish, as Matt and friends were Deadheads and reggae fans only. This little kid they saw was super stoked at the fish swimming under his board out surfing and kept yelling to his friend “pheesh” -right there! So as they grew up surfing, they always gave shout outs to “PHEESH”!!!! Right there—-and it became more than fish but a positive vibe like throwing a high five or an Aloha. “Spririt of the Pheesh will see us through” or “Pheesh, so no worries” or just saying “Pheesh” which would be like saying “word” or something slang-ish. You get the point.

Years later on Dead tour, these stickers and patches started popping up= PHISH?! That’s weird, they heard about it? No, they were at it on the other coast the whole time. “PhEEsh, that’s insane, let’s have a listen,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!….and the rest is history.
So Matt makes em with the best clay bodies available, and that varies. “Sometimes Porcelain (whitish), sometimes Long Beach clay (beigeish), sometimes Jamaican (darkish). Custom orders could be specified but I like to make what I feel for that show. The cost is $30 for each, plus tax and shipping ($15 inside the US) packed nicely. The Glazes (colors) vary a great deal as I mix 20 types and can bounce around the room on that. They are “fired” to cone 10, which is about 2350′ F. Hot enough to be something that outlasts whole civilizations.
If you want to order a specific color, design or show theme, email matpace (at ) @hotmail.com, or catch him on lot, or even on phish.net, handle is @bajaphish.
Spread around ensure thousands of years from now, someone will once again contemplate Phish and also “Pheesh”. They go hand in hand. Positiveness. And all those shows deserve this treatment. Pins will last a long time, but paint can’t compare to Glaze. Burn em, drown em, they survive. Just don’t break em. Pre-metal age stuff for sale!