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The 50th PhanArt Show: Exclusive Art Available at Garcias this Saturday, March 18th 12-4

We are a few days away from the milestone event a decade in the making: The 50th PhanArt Show and the first PhanArt Show at Garcias! Whether you’re in town for Phil Lesh and Friends, or within a short drive to Port Chester, swing by from 12-4 on Saturday, March 18! Get there early for the best Limited Edition Art including posters, photos, apparel, stickers, books, collectibles and so much more all from the best known vendors on the Scene. It will be a Celebration!

Artist & Vendor Line Up!

Relix Vinyl and Poster Archive

Easily the one of the biggest draws to the Hill Country PhanArt Show in NYC – Relix will be exhibiting an archival poster and vinyl sale, featuring limited edition artwork by artists such as Jim Pollock, Chuck Sperry, David Welker, AJ Masthay, Daniel Danger, Chris Gallen, Status Serigraph and more. Do. Not. Miss. Out!

Scribbles of Dave

Don’t miss a series of special limited edition prints from the unique and recognizable hand of Dave Russo’s Scribbles of Dave. Get all your favorites at PhanArt!

Bareroots Jewelry

Molly, the creative mind and hands behind Bareroots Jewelry is a self taught metalsmith that has been making beautiful jewelry desired by many and worn by those with style. From her Classic Wire Wraps to one of a kind metalsmithing Molly’s work is sure to catch your eye. Get yours at PhanArt at the Cap!

Bareroots Jewelry

Mitty Art

Mitty has been creating commercial art inspired by music and pop culture iconography for 10 years. His acrylic & watercolor paintings of musicians, animals, landscapes, and more have become must have collectibles. Get yours at PhanArt!


Grateful Dead Tarot

Grateful Dead Tarot IS the creator of the officially licensed tarot deck of the Grateful Dead! Liz and Erin are both long time deadheads and tarot readers who have turned their love of music, mythology and the occult into a beautiful work of art. Featuring 78 original cards, a 240-page hardcover guidebook and a custom keepsake box, this deck is a powerful oracle and collector’s piece. They are available for personal and group readings, events and classes! Get yours at PhanArt – It’s all in the cards…

Little Hippie

Little Hippie was started on a kitchen table in a tiny apt in NYC. 20 years later and we are still excited to to be spreading the love and creativity of Little Hippie to the fans at PhanArt this Saturday!

Phood For Thought

Brand New and for the Phans! Phood For Thought is a Phish-inspired card game made by the phans, for the phans and brings to life the lyrics, history, and humor that spans over 30 years of our favorite VT quartet. Phood For Thought is a party game in which players fill in the blank(s) of a sentence with the funniest or most outrageous word or phrase from their hand of cards. Get yours at PhanArt!

Phood for Phans Games

Cats Under the Stitch

Cats Under The Stitch began in 2019 as a personal hobby and now offers handmade appliqué and free motion embroidery patchwork, as well as stickers, pins and T-shirts along with other fine fanmade goods.


Apparel and art from creator Stephanie Cook. Available at PhanArt!

Some Saxy Art

Saxy Art, a budding illustration and graphic design studio out of Philadelphia. For the last two years they have been creating merchandise and concert posters for jam bands including Goose, Dogs in a Pile, Spafford, and more! Get Yours at PhanArt!


Stoked Progressive Smoke Shop – Glass Art, Pipes, Accessories & More!

All of this and so much more at the 50th PhanArt Show – this Saturday, March 18th from 12-4. See you there!