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Mayan Mandala!!!

A Mayan Mandala for Mexico. This print from Ryan celebrates the first ever all inclusive resort destination shows by Phish.

The shows took place on the pristine beaches of the Riviera Maya in Mexico on January 15, 16, and 17 of 2016. These shows mark the first time Phish has ever performed in Mexico and had fans dancing in the sand and surf.

This 3 color linoleum block print is limited to an edition size of 60! Printed on a 19th century bookbinding press, the print measures 12 by 24 inches and is printed on a 140g stock. Translated txt on the poster reads: The Phish (Fish) at the Riviera Maya Mexico the 15, 16, 17 of January 2016

This is a reduction block print, so the printing block was destroyed in the creation of this piece. Once they are gone they are gone. Order here.



First there was 100 phish songs, then 101, now MJKOriginalArtwork has upped the ante and given us 102 Phish songs plus covers. The poster is an 8″ tall x 22″ wide art print of the original pen & ink drawing signed and numbered by the illustrator.

102 Phish Songs (Plus cover songs)

MJK says about this print: “I drew this poster while visiting Alaska, at home in the Adirondacks, in a cramped NYC apartment, and during long graduate school classes in lieu of taking notes. It depicts a phictional ski mountain town and includes over 102 phish songs. The original drawing was done on two pages of my sketchbook, which I taped together  at the seam. It was done for my older brother, my longtime phish companion, who still has the original. The drawing was completed in August 2014. I  have made larger art prints of the drawing with minor clarity tweaking, which are for sale on etsy under MJKOriginalArtwork. My dream is for this poster to end up in the hands of Jon, Mike, Page and Trey–and anyone else who’s life has been made a little bit better by phish.”

This print ships in a cardboard tube, so have your beanbags ready! This limited edition run costs $20 + shipping for each print, and they won’t last long.  Order yours now! MJK has agreed to donate 10% of each poster sale to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation! Visit MJKOriginalArtwork on Etsy.

“MEXICO” by Michael Boyer

Phish en Mexico art has officially arrived. Michael Boyer’s three color screen-print on Foil using transparent UV inks. This run totals 200 prints, but divided into 4 sets of 50 with rainbow foil, sparkle foil, and lava foil on black. The final option screams class with rainbow foil on white. Graphics include refined Mayan glyphs, and hints to some of your favorite tracks. The print measures 13.5″ x 24″.

“MEXICO” is available at Boyerart.com at 4pm EST on Friday, January 8, 2016

boyer mexico

Grateful Dead Go Out for a Ride – Poster by Schlayer Design

As exhibited on Sunday, July 5 of In All Good Company, this print from Schlayer Design is a screenprint of The Grateful Dead riding in San Francisco on a Bicycle.


The print was originally designed for the 2013 Artcrank San Francisco Poster Show, a poster show for people who love biking. As a Bay Area resident and long time Grateful Dead fan, Schlayer wanted to have some fun with the band by placing them on a six person bicycle. The illustration features numerous references to San Francisco and the Grateful Dead and their lyrics.

This poster is printed on white paper with 6 colors of ink, measures 18″x24″ in an edition of 100, with a cost of $40 via Etsy.

Isadora Bullock Linocut Print for ‘Distillation of a Dream’

Isadora Bullock created this commissioned linocut print for Holly Bowling’s PledgeMusic campaign for Distillation of a Dreamisadora holly

Using photos from the inside of Holly’s piano, the strings, the tuning pegs, the treble and bass bridges where the strings cross, Isadora worked these into the geometry of the print as well as echoes of cymatic diagrams of sound waves in the print. Isadora’s print is also the inspiration for the album art for the vinyl and CDs for Distillation of a Dream

This 3 layer linocut print is a limited edition of 100 with a hand inked fade on the first layer. The print measures 15″ x 21″. Order one exclusively through Holly’s Pledge Music campaign.