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Your post-show options when coming to Albany for the Phish shows

So you are coming to PhanArt’s hometown and want to know where to party down after the show?  Well, courtesy of jambase.com, we have a few shows that might be of interest to you, with some thoughts on each.

Friday 11/27

The Heavy Pets at Jillian’s

Upsides – Jillian’s is 3 blocks north on S. Pearl, the same street The Knick is on. The Heavy Pets are awesome, which is a very big upside

Downside – typically SUNY kids and douchebags go to Jillian’s – this has continued to be the case for a decade+.  On the upside to this is that its Thanksgiving, so most of the aforementioned Dbags are home for the holidays, and the stage is on the main floor, making it easier to enjoy yourself and avoid the downside.

This event is co-sponsored by Phan Food, the upcoming Phish Cookbook! Come on down, submit a recipe of your choice, and enjoy some great music and post-show revelry! check out PhanFood.com


Think of Dave and Buster’s, but with college Dbags

Zach Deputy at Red Square

If you dont know Zach Deputy, you should make an effort to see him one of the two nights he has booked at Red Square.  It is a great venue, all of 2 blocks away from The Knick (heading towards the Hudson) and full of tasty beers and always a good amount of hot mamas.  Zach D is a little bit Keller Williams, some Jack Johnson and Ryan Montbleau, and a WHOLE Lotta Funk.
Zach Deputy at Skipper's Smokehouse - July 6, 2008


Room outside to chill, smoke, chat

Timbre Coup at Dublin Underground (formerly Savannah’s)

this show will be solid, good untzing to check out, and Savannah’s is all of a block up from The Knick (we do not refer to it by those other names) ON Pearl Street.  You can get there in less than a minute, barring any people being in your way.  Definitely close though.


Saturday 11/28

Robo-France 29, Valentines (upstairs)


Albany’s own Justin Schultz and Josh Breden are the force behind this fast-growing Jam-rock band, with a hint of Alternative/Country/Punk.  Formed in 2007, their hits include Carl Winslow, Man Without a Plan, Good Luck Train, and The Fall, as well as covers of Grateful Dead, Dylan, Pink Floyd, Rush and Hank Williams I (yes, the 1st)

Robo France 29
Robo France 29

This is HIGHLY recommended to go to for two big reasons: 1) the show is at Valentines, a classic Albany venue, and the band that moe. started out at when they moved to Albany, not to mention Ominous Seapods and Conehead Buddha and numerous other bands from the mid-90s. 2) Robo-France 29 is the next band to come from this great Albany legacy of producing some amazing bands.

Robo France 29
Robo France 29

Check them out here:



Raisinhead – Jillian’s of Albany

Great local band, may be the best place in terms of space to see a show.


Zach Deputy – Red Square

If you dont see him Friday, see him Saturday!