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The Philler podcast, featuring PhanArt Pete!

‘Robert Champion, of The Philler and The Sloping Companion sat down with Phanart Pete and discussed his non profit efforts and how it helps fund The Mockingbird Foundation. He played some of his favorite Phish songs and shared a few stories. The program is two hours long and this is the first episode in a series of installments.

Download the podcast here

Robert is also looking for more guests. If you would like to be on the show then contact him at rustyclearwater@gmail.com and he’ll set it up. (A good promotion tool for artists in the Phish community)

PhanArt Pete Radio Interview Mon 11/23 @10pm

This Monday, 11/23, PhanArt Pete’s interview will air on The Acoustic Record with ‘Java’ John Goldacker.  ‘Java’ discusses with Pete the recent 8 festival, the Phish lot scene and economy, the creativity inspired by band, as well as the PhanArt Blog.

Tune in at www.wift.org at 10pm.  Locally, you can tune in at 89.5 FM Melbourne

‘Java’ John Goldacker is an artist living on the Space Coast of Florida with his wife and son.  Java paints murals, design logos, draws and paints portraits, aas well website design and more.

'Java' John

Goldacker is also a PhanArtist featured in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish who made two great posters – one for Big Cypress, and another for IT