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Read Icculus stickers

From Christine Liotti come her ‘Read Icculus” stickers

“During the Oswego ’99 Icculus, my friends and I hugged and held each other laughing hysterically in an “I can’t!” kind of moment and I’ll never forget it. After that we all labeled everything “Read-Icculus” every chance we had. Finally in 2003 I made the first run of stickers, then in 2009 made a new sticker and a t-shirt. After selling out of all editions (the t-shirts sold out after Hartford ’09’s Icculus), I made this smaller, and possibly final version before summer tour ’11.

Side note – On 8/23, thanks for Christines kindness of donating 30 stickers all to benefit Mockingbird Foundation, we SOLD OUT! IN LESS THAN AN HOUR and together made $60.76 for Mockingbird Foundation! Nice work!

PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Tour Lot is now available for pre-order!

Like the band they follow from city to city, Phish fans have their own history of creativity, which in turn follows them wherever they go—even into the kitchen.

Cover art by Cody Schibi

Edited by Taraleigh Weathers (The Healthy Hippie Magazine) and Pete Mason (Phanart: The Art of the Fans of Phish), PhanFood brings together many of the recipes that Phish fans have made and shared over the years. Included are appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, entrées, desserts, drinks (with and without alcohol), and a variety of other concoctions that Phish fans enjoy while they are in the lots, at the site, or just sitting at home waiting for the next tour to be announced.

PhanFood is also a wholly nonprofit endeavor, with all net profits being donated to regional food banks and charities in the cities where Phish plays. A cookbook by Phish fans and for Phish fans (as well as anyone else who likes good, healthy food), PhanFood aims to benefit the Phish community and to give back to the communities Phish fans visit as they follow the band to the next great show!

“A phantastic collection of goodies—baked, fried, and otherwise—ranging from the simple (yeasted popcorn) to the complex (including a few that will test your culinary mettle); organized with delightful connections to Phish songs, shows, and history; and benefiting the hungry, on many levels—a full-course of phun!”     Ellis Godard, Executive Director of the Mockingbird Foundation

Click here to pre-order the book today!

(if you submitted a recipe to the book, email PhanArt Pete!)

Taraleigh Weathers is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the publisher and editor of Healthy Hippie Magazine, and the Phish correspondent for WCAX News. She lives in Burlington, Vermont.

Pete Mason is a special education teacher and the editor of Phanart: The Art of the Fans of Phish. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and lives in Albany, New York with his dog Halley.

PhanArt and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

A few months ago, word got around that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland was opening an archive wing and was seeking donations.  We donated a copy of PhanArt, and a few issues of Surrender to the Flow fanzine to the hall, and recently got a thank you letter that you can read below.

So when that Phish exhibit opens up in say, 2020*, you may wind up seeing PhanArt and Surrender to the Flow in the same company as the Hotdog and other Phish memorabilia!

*our guess

Help get PhanArt in your local library!

An idea that was presented to us during Summer Tour last year piqued our interest – PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish in libraries nationwide. It’s a great idea, but we discovered that making it happen would present a challenge – how do we get libraries interested in the book?

A few fans suggested that by using the Phanart blog, I could get the word out to fans more quickly, ask for their help, and ultimately sell the book to libraries all over the country which would result in even more contributions to Mockingbird!

The Library of Congress- PhanArt is in here!

Here’s what you can do to help:

1) Find your local library’s website and look for the link to ‘Recommend a book‘ or ‘Suggest a title‘. This is typically how the library looks into purchasing new titles. If for some reason, you aren’t able to find a link like this, most libraries have a keyword search tool where you can search for ‘recommend‘ or ‘suggest‘ to help you find out where to make a request of this nature.  Once you’ve done this, pass the word along to any friends who would be willing to help and ask them to do the same.

1a) If you go to college, go to that library’s site and do the same – colleges have already been purchasing PhanArt, as there is a greater demand for the book at colleges and universities.

2) Put in the information about PhanArt:

TitlePhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish

Author: Pete Mason

Website: www.phanart.net/blog

Make sure to note that the only place to buy it is the website, so they don’t go looking for it in the wrong place. And especially note that net profits benefit Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education nationwide.

Tell them about the book so they are familiar with the title and seek it out. Libraries are always looking for new books, so submit a recommendation and get PhanArt in your library. Of course this means if they buy it you have a copy to check out of your local library! Check it out, share with friends, and return the book so you don’t get fined.