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Phish Magnetic Poetry!

A photo on Facebook a month or so ago got Phish fans excited, one of Phish Magnetic Poetry! Well, after some sleuthing on tour, we have discovered the original makers of this awesome creation.

F 09

Here’s the skinny Emily and Jeff’s poetry:

“My girlfriend Emily and I make all of the sets by hand in NYC. Each set contains over 150 pieces, consisting of selected lyrics from about 50 or so original Phish songs. A little backstory: the whole thing was her idea. She made me a set for my birthday and I liked it so much that I posted it to Reddit and everyone else loved it as well and wanted sets of their own, so we decided to make more. We had no idea it would take off like it did!”

Jeff and Emily are not taking orders at this time. You can follow Phish Poetry on Twitter for updates on when they will take orders again.

E 09