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Rhombus and Golden Age pins from 10 Minute Tube Designs

From 10 Minute Tube Designs comes two new pins….

Golden Age “Blowin’ Up Like a Ghetto Blaster”

This pin is based on a concept by Greg ShowOfLife and Produced by 10 Minute Tube. The pin measures 1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″, has a two prong back and a design that is ‘loaded with glitter for that BLING.’ These pins come in a limited edition of 300, each numbered, of which 10 Minute Tube is selling 150 online. The back is also stamped with the 10 Minute Tube Brand on the back
The Rhombus
This pin measure 1 1/2″, has a 3 prong back and is backstamped with the 10 Minute Tube design team name. The “Icculus Was Here” part glows-in-the-dark and the lizard is blinged out in glitter. 200 have been made so pick these up today!
You can get both of these pins at www.10MinuteTubeDesigns.com