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Rutherford Print by David Welker for The Phish Companion – 3rd Edition

The Mockingbird Foundation is excited to announce “Rutherford”, the first in a series of art prints commissioned for our upcoming book The Phish Companion – 3rd Edition. Gloriously executed by the brilliant David Welker, the artist behind Phish’s Rift cover art, this print features an armor-suited Rutherford plunging into the depths of a raging river. Framed by rich Gamehendgian imagery, David’s stunning interpretation will be reproduced in TPC3 to introduce the first era of Phish.
This is the first in a series of eight art prints being created by top artists, each representing a different era of the band’s career. Each print will be reproduced in full color in TPC3, and also sold as limited edition prints (both individually, and as a complete set). More details about the print series will be released in the coming weeks.
David has created a special mirror foil edition of “Rutherford”, which we are excited to make available via our friends at Bottleneck Gallery. This screenprint measures 24″ x 18″, is printed on mirror foil paper (similar to David’s acclaimed Alpharetta ’14 print), and has an edition size of 600. (There will also be a standard edition of the print, to be sold at a later date.)

The mirror foil edition of “Rutherford” will go on sale at 12:00 noon EDT on March 31, 2015, via the Bottleneck Gallery website, for $100. Sales are limited to one per person.

Gamehendge Ink & Watercolor Paintings by Josean Rivera

Josean Rivera has recently rested a couple of ink and watercolor paintings that are inspired by Gamehendge. The 4 prints are the AC/DC Bag, the Famous Mockingbird, Rutherford the Brave, and Divided Sky. All of them are $10 a piece or all 4 for $35. Each print is a limited edition of 50. Feel free to visit his website here!



The Famous Mockingbird

Rutherford the Brave

The Divided Sky


Gamehendge all 4 series