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Thank You (for the Phirst Thirty Years) – Shirts from Ryan Kerrigan

As Phish’s 30th Anniversary approaches, fans will be commemorating the event alongside the band with their artistic take on the occasion. Ryan Kerrigan has made a batch of limited edition T-shirts with “Thank You, for the Phirst Thirty Years” amid a school of 30 happy fish. 
2013 THANK YOU kerrigan150_1

In a limited edition of 100 shirts, each signed and numbered, these shirts cost $25 each shipped and comes with a 4″x6″ bumper sticker of the same image. When ordering, you can include what number shirt you’d like (and a backup # request in case your first is already taken). Please specify size (men’s S through 3XL, women’s S through XL) when ordering. Paypal to ryankerrigan (at) hotmail.com

Stickers will be available on their own for $2 each or three for $5 on Ryan’s website.



The Art of Ryan Kerrigan – Summer Tour 2013 Posters, Pins and More!

Ryan Kerrigan has released his new art for Summer Tour 2013. Below you will find posters, stickers, pins and t-shirts. Check out his Corner Store and pick up some great art!


SPAC, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20 


Alpharetta, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20 


Chicago, 12.5″ x 18.5″ poster, Edition of 100, $20

Chicago Canvas, 33″ x 21″, Edition of 30, $150   canvas

The alPHabet Poster, Edition of 420, 13″ x 15″, $20


T-Shirt Party at the Lampost, Edition of 55 shirts, $20



Summer Tour 2013 Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 SummerTour2013Sticker.M So Much Fun Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 


Gorge Sticker 1 for $2, 10 for $10 



2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN set of 8

Summer Tour 2013 Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 150, $15 SummerTour2013Pin.M

SPAC Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 1 spac

Jones Beach Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 2 jones beach

Chicago Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 3 chicago

Gorge Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 4 gorge

Lake Tahoe Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 5 lake tahoe

San Francisco Pin $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 6 san francisco

Commerce City $15 2013 happy fish series KERRIGAN 7 commerce city

So Much Fun Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 150, $15 SoMuchFun3-13_L

Windmill Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 


Wilsons Crest Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 WilsonCrestPin_L

Fancy Feather II Pin, Glows in the Dark, Edition of 100, $15 


 30 Years Pin Series

Pin Board


30 Year Series 1983 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series 1991 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series 1998 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series Hiatus 2001 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Series Hampton 2009 Pin, Edition of 100, $15 


30 Year Pin Set from Ryan Kerrigan and Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark recently approached Ryan Kerrigan about creating a pin set that would commemorate each year of Phish history, although the task was daunting, to find an image/design that represented every year of Phish’s 30. With some thought and effort, the duo came up with a pin set to timeline the legacy that is Phish. The first five pins of their 30-year pin set are now here.  The pin board below shows the layout for the 30 pins, with a couple extra years for good measure. 🙂

30 year series pin boardAbout the pins: Each pin is a limited run of 100 and they will be released in batches of five pins, with the first batch featuring 1983, 1991,1998, 2001 and 2009. Each pin measures 1″ in diameter while the pin board measures 9.5″ x 12″ x 0.5″.

Single pins are $15 each shipped, but you can pick up the first batch of 5 pins at a discount rate of $45 shipped. When you order all five pins, you can get matching numbers of each pin, as well as dibs on all future batches with the same number. As a bonus, the first batch comes with a free pinboard to display the entire series.

To order these pins, send a Paypal payment to ryan (at) ryankerrigan.com

An interview with Ryan Kerrigan about his love for art, family and Phish

Ryan Kerrigan is a long time Phish goer and artist on the scene. Having been on tour for many years and seeing him and his work all over the lot, I caught up with him to get the scoop about his love for art, his family and Phish! Ryan is from Berkeley. California and has a great website for his art, check his Facebook page Here! Ryan is really talented and does an array of art, from prints, pins, stickers, clothing and cards to 60 second sketches.

Kelley Zilembo: How long have you been seeing Phish?

Ryan Kerrigan: July 18, 1991 was my first live Phish show.

KZ: How many shows have you seen?

RK: Before I got to 100 shows, I made the conscious decision to purposefully stop keeping track of how many notches were on my belt…I didn’t want to add any arbitrary significance to a particular show…but if I had to guess I’d say in the neighborhood of 300 shows.

KZ: What is your favorite year of Phish and why?

RK: 2013 because we still get to experience it live.

KZ: What has inspired you to be an artist?

RK: Saturday morning cartoons and baseball cards when I was young….as I sauntered into the college years I quickly understood that music would become (and really had always been) my greatest source of inspiration.

KZ: When did you start selling your Phish and music inspired art?

RK: Summer tour 1998 was the first time I shared my Phish inspired artwork, the ‘Technicolor Dreamcoat’ print.

Trey's Technicolor Dreamcoat
Trey’s Technicolor Dreamcoat

KZ: How did your signature happy fish come about?

RK: I had a teacher in grade school who created a project where we had to illustrate different words in the shape of what that word was (like banana, or football). I loved it and it always stuck with me, though I never really did anything with it. There were four shows in 2010 (Hartford, Utica, Amherst and Worcester) that I did posters for where I contained all the words (city, state, and date) within the contour of these big sleepy looking fishies.  My mother really dug them and said I should do a whole tour of them … so I did! And summer tour 2011 started what has become the happy fish series of posters and pins!

Worcester December 27 & 28, 2010

KZ: You have a variety of art that you are making, from 60 second drawings to baseball cards to posters to clothing to making pins; what is your favorite form of art and why?

RK: Whenever I attend a show, or any event really, I have a 4″x6″ sketchbook on me and a black micron pen … just black ink on paper … something about it makes me feel most content.

554848_453870151319395_1347171871_n60 Second Sketch- Charlotte, NC August 26, 2012


Happy Fish Leg 2, 2012

307302_529568517082891_1113599765_nParty at the Lamppost- 100% preshrunk cotton

KZ: Do you have any plans for expanding to other forms of art that you haven’t tackled yet? If so, is there anything you can share with us about your future plans?

RK: I designed an electrical box in downtown Berkeley!  It’s always fun to see my work end up in so many forms, but truly I’m in love with my marker/watercolor/pencil combo, as far as creation goes…but ya never know what will happen!

Ryan showing his daughter his art on the electrical box he did in Berkeley

KZ: What are your thoughts on the resurgence of lot art at Phish shows, especially now that we have Facebook and Twitter to promote art?

RK: It’s fantastic! There are so many remarkably talented people expressing themselves on tour, as well as an equal amount of art-lovers eager to support the artists.

KZ: You seem to have such a wonderful connection with your daughter, art, and music. How has fatherhood influenced your artistic style?

RK: Not so much the style, but in just about everything I draw, I feel I’m creating for her, kind of like keeping a journal. She’ll be able to look back and see what d’ah was doing when she was three. A greater responsibility perhaps? I’ve always taken pride in my work but with my daughter, everything feels like it has more purpose.

Hard at work with Dad!

KZ: Living in Berkeley, what Bay Area bands and causes have you worked with in the past?

RK: I have worked quite a bit with ALO, Tea Leaf Green, Hot Buttered Rum, California Honeydrops, The Bay Recorders Organization, The Earth Island Institute, High Sierra Music, and many more.

California Honeydrops- Summer Heat Tour 2012

KZ: Do you do any art for local bands or businesses? If so, who and what was your inspiration to work for them?

RK: All the time! I like to have a connection to the people I am working for, it’s fun to see your work around town too!

KZ: Do you ever find yourself facing artists-block (ala writers-block), when it comes to Phish?

RK: Never.

KZ: Do you have any plans of music festivals this summer that you plan on attending to sell your work?

RK: Most likely a good deal of tour! I’ll be at High Sierra Music Festival for the 13th time. I’ll be taking part in the annual Rock Poster Society’s show in San Francisco and there will most likely be a few other things popping up!


Keep your eye out for Ryan and his work throughout summer tour!

The alPHabet Poster – from Ryan Kerrigan and PhanArt

Presenting: The alPHabet! This poster, an idea of Pete Mason’s, with a little help from Mike Zwaryczuk, has been brought to life by Ryan Kerrigan. This poster takes you through all 26 letter of the alphabet, with a Phish-spin on things. A is for Antelope, B is for Bathtub, F is for Farmhouse and P is for Possum, among others. This print is great for fans of ALL ages and is suitable for framing and for learning the alPHabet properly.

This poster is printed in an edition of 420, measures 13″ x 15″ and is signed and numbered by the artist. The cost for the poster is $20 shipped. Pick one up below.

alPHabet kerrigan

Party at the Lamppost shirts from Ryan Kerrigan

What started as a soundcheck and became a sold out pin is now available as a t-shirt. This 100% cotton preshrunk natural color shirt features an original Ryan Kerrigan design. This is a limited edition shirt of only 55, with each shirt signed and numbered. Shirts cost $20 each plus $5 shipping per order, in sizes Small through 2XL. There are very limited quantities of each size available.

Order now and you are welcome to pick which number you’d like on which size shirt.

Send money via Paypal to ryan (at) ryankerrigan.com812816_10151484940579328_1945814269_o

PhanArt’s Best of 2012

Well, 2012 was an incredible year for PhanArt, with more art than ever before, plus the addition of five staff members to the site – Taylor, Kelley, Chris, Jim and Chris. Fans have been submitting more and more art to PhanArt for sharing on the site, which led to a record number of posts as well as a record amount of money raised for The Mockingbird Foundation – over $3700!

What was popular this year? Well, shirts and posters as usual, but anything that had that Cheerio/Henrietta design took top honors for the most common piece of phanart. It seemed that every bit of clothing and all sorts of art were seeing this design, any why not? It’s iconic, only Phish fans know what it is, making it a silent calling card for other fans whether at a show or in real life. There was at least one wedding party with Fishman ties for the groomsmen!

Then of course, there are pins, which has basically become a flooded market. Everyone is making them, few are buying and many are trading for them. Some of them are truly amazing and we are likely only a few days away from the first ‘Golf Ball’ themed pin of 2013. There are a reported 1700-1800 pins total made already, according to Fred Hosman, who would know, because he collected pretty much every single one up to date. That number of pins is more than the number of individual pieces of art in PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish

So, here we are with more art being made, Phish being at the top of their game and the 30th anniversary likely to shed a great deal of art, especially if there are more shows than the last two years. Without further rambling, I present the Best of PhanArt, 2012 edition. This list of 12 was compiled with input from fans on the website, Facebook, Twitter, as well as reported sales from artists and feedback on lot. Some of these pieces of art are still available for sale, while some sold out a long time ago. Click the links to see what you can still get and support the Phish Art Community! Remember, the Phanart made in 2012 was amazing and the following is just some of the best. If you think something was overlooked, share what was missed below in the comments section below.

Honorable Mentions

 Otto NYE print

AJ Masthay Kansas City


Tim Ripley Colorado

Michael Ortiz San Francisco/Colorado/NYC series

Ceramic Pheesh from Matt Pace

And now for the Best PhanArt of 2012…

12. My Other Vehicle is a Second Set Tweezer

A simple Tweet led to an incredibly popular sticker, so much so that it was sold in bulk to a few fans during Summer Tour. Andy Cary’s wit led to a sticker that was begged for at shows, Jiggs’ design made it the perfect bumper sticker for a car, and led to some nice donations for The Mockingbird Foundation, as Andy deferred any profit to them. In keeping with that, all sales of this sticker through the month of January will go to The Mockingbird Foundation, after shipping and handling.

vehicle 7x2

11. Split Open and Melt pin

You couldn’t make a more literal pin, but Jeff from My Phavorite Things did, and succeeded. It doesn’t look like there are any pins left for sale, but if you can get one, this is a well through out and produced pin.

First up is the SOAM Phan pin made by myphavoritethings.com DEF one of the best pins of the year.

10. Kerrigan summer print 

The return of the Happy Fish in one incredible print! Ryan Kerrigan continues to create incredible Phish posters for each show and tour, and this one stood out as one of the best of the Summer!

st12 summer tour 2012 poster KERRIGAN

9. Life is Hood shirt

Life is Good < Life is Hood. Brian Kushner of PhanBadge made a great shirt with a familiar guitar sticking out, and the response was incredible. Many shirts were out of stock by the time SPAC rolled around. Brian graciously donated a few shirts to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, all of which were snapped up quickly. The crossover aspect is huge with this shirt, since you can wear it to a show or just in daily life, getting more than a few heads to turn when they notice the slight difference in this now classic shirt.


8. Party Time/Playboy shirts 

Seen on the lots of Bader Field in June, this is a great shirt, hands down. The Playboy brand has an aura of epic parties in the grotto, and ‘Party Time’ is the perfect way to to tie the two together. This shirt was only seen briefly on tour, so we have no purchasing info, so if you know who made this shirt, contact PhanArt (at) gmail and we will do our best to have it up on the site. Again, great shirt to the creators!

2012-12-27 12.55.09

7. Otto summer leg 2 

Branden Otto has been making posters since 2010 and in 2012, he found his groove, creating incredible work from start to finish. Fans sold out one edition, leading to a second variant being produced. Stacking the vehicles, adding in tour dates and some subtle Phish references, as well as great creativity and color schemes showed that Otto is moving on up among his fellow artists.



6. Jam Jars

The “Jam Jar” series by Tweezburger creator Jon Weber and Cactus Bomb Designs doesn’t just look great on bread, all 6 jump out as genius spins on different jams Phish has done over the years. Funny, small and a set = classic Phish pins.

Then you have the Jam Jar series by tweezeburger creator Jon Weber Aka Cactus Bomb Designs.  www.cactusbombdesigns.com

5. Summer Tour Pac-Man shirts

These were seen through much of Summer Tour, although the creators never got in touch with us to get on the site. Based on the number of fans wearing them, it’s likely they sold well on tour, if not sold out. Using the one and two-stops on tour as general pellets to eat, and the four 3-day runs the Power pellets is just smart designing. This was well thought out and a great design. It would even be higher on the list, but black isn’t a great color shirt for the summer. But being in the top half of the Best of 2012 isn’t too shabby. Big ups to the four levels at the bottom, one for each tour to date in the 3.0 era.



4. TRiPP Atlantic City triptych 

Try saying THAT five times fast. This set has been sought after by fans and sold quickly, making for yet another classic TRiPP trio of prints that connect to form gorgeous imagery.

PH Atlantic City triptych cropped

3. Jiggs Oklahoma City Zoo

Jiggs has branched out from his earlier designs and t-shirts and delved into some great posters in the past year, starting with NYE 2011 and going through 2012 with Bader Field, OKC Zoo and Dick’s prints. This one stands out among them all, capturing the song that would cap off the band’s first show in Oklahoma, in a most unique fashion.


2. Ties from stuPINdous Creations

Never in a million years did I think that Phish-themed ties would be a thing, let alone a well produced thing. Well, Adrian from stuPINdous Creations proved that one wrong, a few times over. First there was the Henrietta tie, then the Cactus and Big Red ties (seen below) and most recently, a Henrietta Bow Tie. Many of these ties sold out quickly, especially the Henrietta tie. These ties are stylish, they are great for work or play and speaking from experience, get compliments nearly every time. That’s a great tie – when they don’t realize there’s a Phish theme to it, but you do. Adrian, nice work on these. Can’t wait to see the Page tie! Here’s to hoping it involves sandwiches!


Big Red's TieCactus Tie


And the best of PhanArt 2012 is…….

1. Ben Whitesell’s NYE

The intricate detail of this limited edition print from Ben Whitesell and the overwhelming response from Phish fans made this a runaway #1 choice for 2012. Ben has made great prints in the past and this one is the culmination of his growing skills in making great posters. Examine the way in which Ben detailed Trey’s guitar, going deeper with a mechanical angle and creating one of the best posters of 2012. Ben, here’s to hoping you can keep making art of this caliber in 2013!


So, did we miss something? Was there some art that should have made the list? If so, tell us what you think we missed in the comments below. Art is all around us on Phish tour and this is just a small slice of the great art out there this past year. With greater input from fans taken into greater account this year, we feel this is a great representation of the Best PhanArt of 2012. If this past year is any hint, 2013 will be even better.

– PhanArt Pete and the PhanArt Crew

Set of Summer 2011 Ryan Kerrigan Pins up for auction to benefit Mockingbird Foundation

This is an almost complete set of Ryan Kerrigan’s Summer 2011 Happy Fish series for Phish Summer Tour 2011 made by FlipPinOut Productions.

Included in this pin set are: Holmdel, Detroit, Cuyahoga Falls, Cincinatti, DarienLake, Camden, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Portsmouth, Gorge, Hollywood, Tahoe, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver and Essex Junction.

Not included in this set are: Bethel, Mansfield, Merriweather, Watkins and New York City.


Six of these pins are completely sold out from individual sales: Tahoe, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Hollywood ad The Gorge.

Featuring 17 of the 22 pins from the set, each pin is individually bagged and is in perfect condition. These beautifully detailed pins were based on the design’s of Ryan Kerrigan’s prints from the summer tour run of 2011. Each fish has the city, state and the dates played of a venue from the tour written into the scales. Each is individually numbered 1-100 from a limited press of 100 and has a double prong backing and the artists web site on the back. There will be no reprints. Each pin measures 1.25″

All net proceeds (after shipping and ebay fees) will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation to benefit Music Education.

You can bid on these 17 pins here. Please share with friends and fellow pin collectors!


Warning about Vending outside MSG this New Years Run

We posted this each year as a heads up to Phish fans who might be selling posters, shirts, stickers, pins or other items outside of MSG. Read on for a true life story from the NYE 2010 run and avoid getting arrested this New Years Run!

Woke Up This Morning…

NYC Tax Evasion

One Way To Avoid Jail If You Plan On Vending This NYE run

by Uncle Ebeneezer 

If you enjoyed the Makisupa on 1/1/11, you’re welcome.  I got arrested before the show that day for selling artwork on the first poster I sold that day.  I was arrested with another phan who was selling pins (really awesome pins too).  Why?  Neither of us had a tax id. After selling a poster in front of the venue before doors opened, I was approached by a police officer and before I knew it, was in cuffs. I was searched and placed with a vendor who was selling pins. There was a semi-circle of 5 cops around us, as if we were active threats to public safety.  After a half hour, we were loaded into a paddy wagon and driven to a station to be booked. We were hassled and we were mocked at the station for being phans, we were threatened and insulted, we had our shoelaces, belts and strings from our hoodies removed, we were fingerprinted and photographed…all for selling posters and pins.   Luckily we made it out (with a ticket to appear in a New York City court in February) and inside the venue without missing any music, but I don’t recommend the experience to anyone.

This poster was the case

Following the steps below could have saved me from a major bummer of an experience. Be safe if you’re vending in NYC this year. Let’s face it, with all that is going on down on Wall Street, NYPD are going to be extra anxious to crack a few heads this year.  Don’t be that head. I made it out of the precinct and inside MSG without missing any music, but I don’t recommend it to anyone. The City of New York requires all vendors including artists and written matter vendors to have a sales tax ID and carry it with them while vending.

To apply for a NY State Tax ID
Go to: http://www.nystax.gov/forms/sales_cur_forms.htm
Use form # DTF-17 (Fill-in)
DTF-17-I (Instructions)
Application to Register for a Sales Tax Certificate of Authority.
Use the NAICS Code Lookup to locate the appropriate NAICS code for
your sales tax registration.
See also Publication 75
OR apply for a tax ID online at http://www.nys-opal.com/
click on Taxation and Finance, Department of
Then click Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax

Some more great info courtesy of Noah Phence: http://knol.google.com/k/selling-art-on-the-street-the-basics#

Don’t be that head.

The need for a vending permit to sell anything in NYC was brought to our attention. According to this link, a vending permit is not needed for specific things:


You must have a General Vendor license if you sell, lease, or offer to sell or lease goods or services in a public place. 

You do NOT need a General Vendor license if:

  • You sell newspapers, periodicals, books, pamphlets, or other written matter.
  • You sell artwork, including paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures.
  • You sell food. Note: Food vending requires a license from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Call 311 or visit www.nyc.gov/health for information about food cart vendor licenses and permits.
  • You will only sell merchandise from a booth or stand at an authorized Street Fair (e.g., street fair, block party, or festival). Please note that you must obtain a Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit to sell merchandise at an authorized Street Fair.
Phish fans could go so far as to argue that pins, shirts, etc… are artwork, and rightly so. PhanArt believes that anything that can be construed as taking a creative effort to design qualifies as art. This would not include food and other things that are more disposable, but this of course is up to the officer in question who approaches you. Be careful and if they ask you to stop selling, do so. It is artwork but is it worth going to jail for? More specifically, is it worth going to jail and missing Phish?

Disclaimer: While this information is a step to avoid problems from the police, it cannot prevent them from acting in their own judgment and arresting you for this or other offenses. PhanArt is offering this up as a potential to avoid arrest or harassment for vending in and around MSG. This is not iron clad and should not be treated as so. If you do take this advice, please remember to pay your taxes on the works you collect – both City of New York and State of New York taxes.