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“Simple” NYE Print by Shirzad

Shirzad has created “Simple,” a poster measuring 11″ x 23″ in a limited edition run of 31. The artwork is based an original painting entitled “Simple,” with added text for the weekend’s Phish shows at Madison Square Garden. Prints will be available at for “Skyscraper is Grand” presented by PhanArt, for $25.


The original artwork of “Simple”, an acrylic on canvas painting, will be on display and for sale at Skyscraper is Grand.


Phunky Birds Shirts by Shirzad!

Shirzad Khusrokhan, the artist who created the original Tre/Che tshirt design, and has done a number of other Phish related work over the years (like his painting titled “Simple”), has a new tshirt in the works for this year’s Summer Tour.

The Phunky Birds tshirt will be printed on charcoal colored fine jersey crew shirts, each shirt goes for $20 (large sizes are slightly more). Pre-order yours by June 10th and he’ll have them to you before tour starts. Women’s and toddler shirts are also available, so the whole phamily can be phunky!

Click here to visit the site and purchase! 

This week in PhanArt History: Tre/Che and ‘Technicolor Dreamcoat’ posters for Mockingbird

New from PhanArt in 2011 is our weekly Friday Feature: This Week in PhanArt History. Each piece of art we share is from days of Phish in the past, typically from the 1.0 and 2.0 eras, something of note that fans of all ages can appreciate that is featured in the book PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, with some commentary on the piece by PhanArt Pete. If there is a piece of art or genre of PhanArt you would like to see, leave a suggestion in the comments below.

As Trey tour continues this week, we feature a few more pieces of Trey related art from PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish.

Created by Ryan Kerrigan is ‘The Technicolor Dreamcoat’, a poster made in 2000 by Kerrigan in an edition of 500.  Most were sold over the course of 2000 and 3 were recently sold to benefit Mockingbird Foundation at a total of $150.

From 2004 era of shirts, we have Trey as Tre, aka, Che Guevara. While Trey is not a Communist revolutionary (that we know of) he did write some great lyrics for ‘Crowd Control’ which spoke volumes of the state of Phish in the 2003-4 era. This shirt was originally designed by Shirzad Khusrokhan and Marty Millman.