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Homer’s Bakers Dozen Shirt

Homer is getting ready for the Baker’s Dozen. Eric Voigt designed this shirt sharing: “When I first heard about the Baker’s Dozen run, I immediately thought of Homer’s obsession with donuts, Phish’s 12/06/96 YEM vocal jam (donuts, I love donuts…), and the secret language Simpsons tease. With the history between Phish and The Simpson’s, I thought the two went together hand in hand and I was inspired to combine the two ideas into a design. Can’t wait for tour to start and will see you all in the Big Apple soon enough! ”

Order with Donuts or without. 

Fuego/Flaming Moe – New Shirts from MaybeSoMaybeLot

If you are a serious fan of The Simpson’s you will surely recall the classic “Flaming Moe” episode where Moe decides to coin Homer’s homemade “Flaming Homer” (a cocktail containing cough syrup and fire) as his own. Hilarity ensues and 23 years later, this shirt was created.


Originally imagined somewhere in between Halloween in Atlantic City and New Years at MSG, MaybeSoMaybeLot got themselves in gear, drank a bunch of coffee, and made this shirt a reality. These high quality Gildan, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton t-shirts are screen printed, with this Fuego shirt design requiring an insane nine individual screens to produce!


The front is a rendition of Moe with his (stolen) Flaming Moe and ‘Fuego’ printed on the bar. ‘We Keep It Rollin’ accompanies the art with a tiny little Fishman-print pin on Moe’s lapel. The back reads ‘I asked Diego…if it was stolen’, again in reference to the episode (and to the kick ass song lyrics!)


Available in limited quantities in Medium, Large, XL and XXL, these are printed on Slate Blue and a limited quantity of Orchid Purple, as way of paying homage to the special purple cough syrup secret ingredient in the ‘Flaming Moe’.

This shirt is SOLD OUT!

An Interview with Steve Siegel, creator of the Viral ‘Simpsons Characters/Jamband Fans’ Chart

Last week, a quite viral chart of characters from The Simpsons were used to describe the fans of 9 Jambands. It took off like wildfire via social media and while making fans laugh at the incredibly spot on connections between characters and bands, it also sparked discussion about other bands not represented. Steve Siegel from The Barn Presents created this incredible chart and talked to PhanArt Pete about what went into creating it.

Created by Steve Siegel

PhanArt Pete: When did you come up with this idea? How quickly did they always come together?

Steve Siegel: It was actually several years ago when I put the whole thing together so the process of creation isn’t really at the front of my mind. I’ve always had a very warm affection for lot shirts and designs that are inspired by popular culture. I always get a ton of ideas for these but my design skills are pretty limited.

A Simpsons design is kind of a shortcut. It’s hard not to get a warm-and-fuzzy when I see Phish shirts like the (Chief) Wiggum/Makisupa Policeman, Willie/Lawn Boy or Barney/The Sloth, but at the same time they are kind of lazy:  just slap a song title together with an image of the character. I have always been more impressed with some of the more clever Simpsons related designs: “Lawyers Guns & Money” (Lionel Hutz, Herman the Gunshop owner & Itchy), “Born On The Wrong Planet” (the alien Kang playing a mandolin), even the South Park “Boy Man God Shit”. I love that they used more obscure characters and tried to reach for something that required a beat or two to process and appreciate. I guess these were my main sources of inspiration.

PP: What were your thoughts when going through each band and considering a character for each? Any second guesses or close calls before the finished product?

SS: I seem to remember them coming together pretty quickly; one of the very few practical uses for that weird place in my brain that holds Simpsons trivia. Umphrey’s was tough but I kept coming back to that photo taken from the stage at one of their shows as few years back.


Finally, that squeaky voiced teenager who holds every menial job in the Simpsons-verse (does he even have a name?) just popped into my head. I lucked out on a couple too. Could there be a better image of Moe Syzlak than the one I used for moe.? Just looking at it is funny. I think I cycled through a couple of ideas/characters that didn’t really fit the jamband theme as well. After I published, I’ve gotten some good suggestions through comments, too, (such as) Bumblebee Man for Los Lobos.

PP: Are you surprised at how fast it went viral? It took only a few hours to get over 1000 shares on Facebook and the overwhelming response has been incredibly positive.

SS: Yes and no. I never posted it to Facebook on Friday and wasn’t really looking at my Facebook Newsfeed, so when I finally saw what was going on it was a bit of a shock. My friends were telling me it was being shared by people who didn’t know me or The Barn, popping up in their timelines multiple times. I’ve written some very popular posts before, but never quite like this. I guess I learned a couple lessons, too: 1. It’s a lot easier for people to share an image on Facebook than to click through a link to my site and 2. I should really put a logo or watermark on these things!

At the same time, I guess if anything were to take off, this had all the right elements. I expected this to resonate with people in their thirties or forties. The early-to-mid-90s was an awesome time for both Jamband fans and The Simpsons. Jerry was still around for much of it, Phish was at the absolute peak of their powers and there seemed to be this great overlap of young people that were both open to that sort of thing and could also appreciate how deep, layered and subversive The Simpsons were. Both really reward you for paying attention and at a time where there was far less of every variety of entertainment to distract us, they were the things that really earned our loyalty.

PP: Tell readers about The Barn Presents – what’s your website and what do you cover?

SS: It’s a music blog that tends to have a Jamband focus but really runs the gamut of the broad array of music that I love. I also have a handful of great contributors and am always looking to add more. I try to set it apart in a couple of ways: First is by covering our local scene pretty heavily. I’m from Chicago and there’s always so much great music originating from or coming through here, there’s definitely no shortage of shows to write about or music to share.

I’m also way into data visualization and that has become a secondary focus of the site. I love to not only feature music related charts, graphs and visuals from around the web, but also create some of my own, hence the Simpsons feature. I’ve also done some cool visual presentation stuff with setlists and other band/song data that’s pretty popular. I have plenty of ideas to add more, my only constraint is time!

Salad Jones Ocelot Shirt

Salad Jones, along with his good friend Zach Zeidner from Sesame Salad Printing Press have released a new shirt. It is an Ocelot shirt based off Snowball 2 from The Simpsons. We all wonder “Snowball where have you gone?”

The Shirts are available in Red or Indigo Blue as short sleeve or long sleeve shirts! $15.00 for short and $20.00 for long. Don’t forget, Chairman of the boards shirts are back in production as well! Everything you need can be found in the link below.

Sesame Salad Printing Press 





Ha Ha Ha pin from Sugarshack pins

From SugarShack Pins comes Nelson from The Simpson’s, set in a Phish/Dead environment. Nelson pin pokes fun at that dynamic, as he wears his 13 point bolt and points mocking – “HA HA HA”

What the pin represents…a social commentary:

Nelson represents the Bully mentality.
Senseless, Baseless Bully-ing and mocking.
If Nelson was part of our concert scene, (IMO) he’d be a Deadhead.
So being a Furthur/Deadheadhead he would most likely participate
in the hating that goes on toward Phisheds…
He would most certainly use is most popular mock – HA HA !
but since he’s mocking Phisheds…He’d modify it to the situation
to make it more personal to those listening…HA HA HA !
using the Phish song title to antagonize his victims.
What’s the point ? There is none.
Nelson belives you are not as cool as him, so he mocks you.
But he’s an idiot, and an asshole.
He’s in touch with his inner Bully/moron, and behaves that way.

Much the same thing goes on the the real word.
Deadheads hating on Phisheds for no reason.
We both do the same thing…
Devote all our time and efforts to go see and follow a band we love.
Who cares what someone else is doing. Do your own thing.
But the Nelsons in the Dead community seem to rear their unenlightened heads,
and spout hate.

This pin is 1.5″ tall, has two posts with metal clutches. Made with hard enamel with the Sugar Shack Pins logo on the back, this series is not numbered, but only 100 were made. The pin will not be reprinted and there will be no variants. The pin costs $15 and is shipped USPS 1st class with tracking.


Makisupa Policeman shirts

The classic Simpsons/Phish t-shirts have finally made their way to the PhanArt Blog! Brought to you by Bruno, he and his friend Ryan had seen the Makisupa Policeman shirts with Chief Wiggum before but it had just a box picture of him sitting at a desk.  We wanted to make one that fit the song better, also as reported on Phish.net “Makisupa is a Jamaican word that means ‘acting stupid for no reason’, Wiggum is the first stupid cop that pops into my head, not the only one, the first one.  We came up with the idea of him carrying a case of beer and having some dank, skunk, schwag, stink, kind, etc. behind his ear.  I then got together with my brother Mike and we drew it up.  We then had it printed up and I have traveled with these to lots ever since.

I love the idea of this site because I always like seeing the creative ideas that kids have to fund their way to their next show.  Also I enjoy trading for various things I see on the lot that I like.  Also the Mockingbird Foundation is a good cause..

These shirts are $15.99 and come in sizes Small, Large and XL.