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Kev Farrington’s SPAC SOAM Poster

“Melt…split open and melt…” With its textured, complex, and sometimes esoteric improvisational section; a song like SOAM required a detailed and intricate image to represent the true spirit of the tune. The third eye of this fan is split wide open…the face melting from the intensity of a heavy SOAM jam. The notes of the jam flowing into the ears create the colors that melt and shape this entire image. The music produces beautiful vines from the outside of the eyes while liquifying the lower half of the face into drips and droplets of color. With the dates stuck on to the tongue of this fan and 2014 written down both sides of the image; this piece is an excellent way to commemorate the bands triumphant return to SPAC for a 3 night stand.

A limited run of 50 prints, each signed and numbered by the artist, are available. Prints are 7 colors at 11″x17″ with a 1/2″ white border. Prints are $25 each plus shipping. Order below via Paypal.


Split Open and Melt & F-Hole pins from Conor Brewster

Split Open and Melt Pin: this die-cast steel enamel pin was designed after by an original watercolor painting, inspired by Phish’s song Split Open and Melt. This pin is in a limited edition of 200 for Summer Tour 2012. This pin is a bursting with vibrant colors and features two characters: an orange guy up top, his face splitting open and melting, and a blue guy down beneath, his mouth wide open awaiting a generous dose of his friend. This is the perfect pin for the phan that likes it when things get a little weird.

This pin features three cutout areas on the characters eyes and includes two posts and metal backs on the backside for sturdy positioning. This baby will stay put while you’re rocking out. It measures 1″ x 1.75″ and costs $15

The Languedoc F-Hole Pin: also made for Summer Tour 2012 are in the shape of the f-hole of Trey’s Languedoc Guitar. They are available in copper, silver and black metal and are made in a edition of 65 each. If you buy two, get one free! Be sure to note color choices when paying. Cost is $10 each.

Phish song sticker abbreviations

Heady Things Inc has some stickers left over from summer tour. Since they won’t be making the NYE run, they are up for sale on PhanArt. These stickers make great stocking stuffers or casual phriendly gifts for any phan. Sticker styles include: ChalkDust Torture, Down With Disease, In an Intensive Care Unit, Split Open and Melt (or) Scent Of A Mule and You Enjoy Myself. All stickers are 3′ x 5′. Now just 1.00 each or all 5 for 5.00. You love the songs, Now get the stickers!

Buy a Sampler set of all 5 stickers for $5!

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