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‘Need Any SPAC Lawns?’ Shirts

We’ve all been there. You had your girlfriend, mom, Aunt Linda, best friend Bob, Tommy from work, the guy upstairs, Aunt Linda’s friend and the mailman all put in for mail order. What did you end up with? About 50 SPAC lawns. Now what to do? Well, you gotta get rid of that shit and upgrade ASAP, and this t-shirt can help. To be honest, most of the time all you’ll get is confused looks, but every once in awhile you get a familiar smile and a nod, which could ALWAYS leads to a deal! (full disclosure: We have not sold a single SPAC lawn ticket while wearing this shirt). See you this summer!!!…hopefully not on the lawn 🙁

This shirt is printed in Gildan 100% cotton shirts and comes in Olive color. Shirts are $20 with free shipping. Order below. Sizes S-XXL. Shirts will ship in late March.