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2011 NYE Coin from Adam Davidoff

From Adam Davidoff of Phishcoins:

The inspiration for the 2011 NYE Coin was simple. I wanted the coin to be very NYC, while incorporating symbolism relating to both Phish and Madison Square Garden.

For one side, I re-worked the classic design of a New York City manhole cover. The circular and silver nature of the manhole cover struck me as the perfect design for one side of this coin. As a child growing up in New York City, these manhole covers were among my first vivid memories. Instead of reading “N.Y.C. SEWER” the manhole cover on the 2011 New Years Coin reads “N.Y.C. NEW YEARS.” I always enjoy a little word play, and it turns out that the words “NEW YEARS” are actually an anagram for “A N.Y. SEWER.” This design also drifts into the realm of the Maze design from my original coin, the Maze/Bowie Coin.

For the other side, I decided to pay homage to the Duke Ellington standard “Take the ‘A’ Train” that Phish covered 118 times between 1987 and 1994. Only 8 cover songs have been performed more times by Phish, so it holds its own in Phish lore. This side of the coin depicts an old ‘A’ Train subway from the Roaring Twenties (the heyday of the Jazz Age) emerging from a tunnel as it pulls into Penn Station, where M.S.G. is located. The ‘A’ Train is littered with Phish symbolism. The four lights on the front of the subway car contain the letters “J, E, M & P” in them. The dates for the 2011 New Years Run appear on the door of the ‘A’ Train, and I threw on a couple of my favorite “lot” stickers on the front of the train, suggesting that it had been “tagged” by a phan. The words “NYC” and “NYE” appear in the oval lights on the top right and left of the subway as well.

The 2010 NYE Coin is antique silver in color, 1.75″ in diameter, 4 millimeters thick, has reeded edges, and was be minted in a limited run of 300 sequentially numbered coins. The cost of the 2011 NYE Coin is $20 on the Lot, or priced as follows with USPS Delivery Confirmation Shipping & Handling Fees: 1=$24 : 2=$45 : 3=$66 : 4=$87 : 5=$108 : 6=$129 : 7=$150

All Inquiries, Paypal Payments & USPS Money Order Requests to: phishcoins@gmail.com

Please Submit Paypal Payments as a “Personal” > “Payment Owed” if possible.

You can order the coins here 

Ben Whitesell UIC print

Ben Whitesell just completed his print for the UIC Pavilion run in Chicago. This print pays homage to the urban life of Chicago and contains quite a few easter eggs for the phans, even a few shoutouts to Phanart Pete Mason and the Coventry Music Crew.

The print is 13×19 and printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper in a limited run of 30, each signed and numbered by the artist. The cost for this print is $15 only available on web at www.movingthemerch.com