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Dick’s 2015 Meditating Ram Print

We are all still basking in the glow of the phenomenal THANK YOU Encore and Amazing Summer Tour! Now you can remember it forever with this brand new Meditating Ram Print from Werner Arts & Designs, celebrating Phish’s epic 2015 Dick’s run. Laced with references to Colorado’s state animal, the long horned ram and a nod to the Chinese calendar and the Year of the Ram, this print will draw you in and share all of its secrets as the Ram looks back at you. You won’t want to take your eyes off of it! But hurry – Prints are only  $32.50 and are running out fast – order yours HERE today! Enter the Promo code Phanart and $2 from the proceeds of that sale will be donated to Mockingbird!

2015 Dicks Poster

Enjoy the work – or want to pick up a print to remember the other highlights of summer 2015 – grab your own Magnaball Print and GD50 Prints for both the Santa Clara and Chicago shows.

2015 Poster Display


Magnaball Pin and Poster from Kev Farrington

The newest piece from Kev Farrington is “Magna 2015″ and is a LE of 30 11″ x 17” print. “Magna 2015” exemplifies the balance of chaos and energy that the band will be bringing to Magnaball. The energy and the flow of the band are exemplified by the mandala-like image. The summer of 2015 has been a whirlwind of bust-outs, new songs, and intensely focused jamming all being balanced in a delicate and beautiful manor by the band. This piece moves in stride with their increasingly impressive performances this summer. Kev Farrington will be at Magnaball selling prints.


Along with the poster comes a pin, “MAGNA-DALA,” a triple-posted, back stamped, numbered out of 100, soft-enamel, part glow in the dark pin. The balance of jamming, listening, and solid execution by the band deserved a balanced and colorful design to remember it all properly. Pins will be available at the Magnaball festival and leftovers will be available online after the event.


PhanArt Presents: A World Cafe Live One, August 12 in Philadelphia

A World Café Live One, featuring an extensive variety of artists who draw inspiration from the music of Phish will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at World Café Live, 3025 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104. This one of a kind art show, created and produced by Pete Mason, will be held on the second day of Phish’s two night stand at The Mann Center for the Performing Arts, a 10 minute drive from World Café Live.


The lineup announced for the A World Café Live One represents a wide array of artists from across the country and extended Phish art community. Longtime Phish artists Isadora Bullock, Ryan Kerrigan, TRiPP, StuPINdous Creations, Fred Sutter, Graphic Translations, Jampanties, [Brendan/LoPorto Studios], and Setlist Tees are returning exhibitors and fans can expect to find a large portfolio from each artist of current and past art.

Pin makers and designers Dr. Wookles, Pins by CZ, Pin me Down, Pinsanity Designs, and Zenster Designs will feature their ever-popular pin series and designs, as well as other items made specifically for the Philadelphia and Magnaball shows.

Josean Rivera, known for his setlist art prints, The Overhead View, S.A.W. Family Creations, Blueskaithreads, Dogmatagram Designs and Whole Phamily are among the first time exhibitors, each bringing something new to the show, among them posters, clothing, Christmas items, children’s clothing and much more.


A musical performance from San Francisco-based pianist Holly Bowling will take place throughout the art show.  Each set will feature Phish songs arranged for solo piano and several “jam transcriptions”, including a complete rendition of the ‘Tahoe Tweezer’ during the final hour, beginning at 3 pm. Holly recently completed a successful Pledge Music campaign for her album Distillation of a Dream and will have posters, pins and albums from the campaign for sale.

The Mockingbird Foundation, which has awarded grants for music education totaling more than $800,000 over the past 15 years, will debut an eight print series from The Phish Companion 3rd Edition. Phish’s 33-year career is interpreted across eight stunning prints by top rock artists including David Welker, Justin Helton, DKNG and AJ Masthay. Full series and singles plus spectacular variants and rare gems from the archives will be available, with all proceeds benefiting The Mockingbird Foundation. An exclusive to A World Café Live One, a brand new Rainbow Foil Variant of AJ Masthay’s latest print will be available for the first time.

Produced by Pete Mason, founder of PhanArt and author of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, PhanArt exhibitions have been held in Atlantic City, Chicago, Las Vegas and Miami since 2013 and represent a continued effort to promote and exhibit original and unique concert art from a wide variety of artists. Unique posters, pins, apparel, stickers and much more are made for Phish shows, making the A World Café Live One a must-attend event during Phish tour.

The eclectic artists featured at this event show the broad scope of Phish related art and capture the inspiration of the band in their art. Phish’s creative fan base makes amazing art inspired by the band, their music and the locales they play.

In keeping with the great tradition and success of past art shows, A World Café Live One will offer free entry to all patrons and tubes available for purchase. Special edition works only available at the show can be viewed on PhanArt.net and acquired exclusively at the PhanArt show.

A curated beer list will feature local craft brews that are Phish-inspired and hand-selected by Beeradelphia director Michael Lawrence.

A World Café Live One is sponsored by NYS Music, We’ve Got it Simple, Philly Beer Scene Magazine, and 215Music.

Phraggle Rock Shirts for Summer Tour 2015

For Summer Tour 2015, Dance your cares away with a Phraggle shirt! Printed on Gildan Stone Blue shirts, these shirts are available for pre-order now in both men’s and women’s styles. Pick one up now, or look for them in Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, Nashville, at the PhanArt show in Philadelphia on August 12 at World Cafe Live, Raleigh, Merriweather and Dicks!

fraggle front
phraggle back

Order Men’s and Women’s shirts in the PhanArt Store.

Summer Tour Shirts and Hats from The Overhead View

Bryan Kirk and his online story The Overhead View has a few new designs for Summer Tour 2015, including his insta-classic Paul and Silas/USPS shirt.

You can pick up these shirts online or on lot this summer at Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, Nashville, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Merriweather Post, MagnaBall and Dicks. Or get them online in his store using code PHANART2015 on any order and get 10% off!


The Paul and Silas USPS design is now available in Men’s Hanes Tagless Tees, Women’s Bella + Canvas Triblend Short Sleeve Tees, and Women’s Relaxed Jersey Tank Tops. The design is available in S to 3XL for the guys and S to 2XL for the ladies. Order here.


New for Summer 2015, Colonel Forbin “Big F” Summer Tees! Inspired by the old General Mills Big G logo, we created our Colonel’s own! Bryan made these, along with all of our other designs, available in Men’s Hanes Tagless Tees, Women’s Bella + Canvas Triblend Short Sleeve Tees, and Women’s Relaxed Jersey Tank Tops. We have the design available in S to 3XL for the guys and S to 2XL for the ladies. Order here.


What’s more perfect for a cave of ice and snow that a blizzard! Introducing for Summer 2015, the Winterqueen DQ inspired tees. Bryan made these, along with all of our other designs, available in Men’s Hanes Tagless Tees, Women’s Bella + Canvas Triblend Short Sleeve Tees, and Women’s Relaxed Jersey Tank Tops. We have all styles available in S to 2XL. Order here.


Introducing a line of Ocelot Mizuno inspired gear. Bryan designed this logo as an idea to make polos, golf shirts and hats with lot style designs so we all could be more Everywhere. He liked the design so much, he decided to make it an entire line of gear. Order here.

The design is available on Flexfit 6-panel hats in Olive, Maroon, Dark Navy, and Dark Gray, as well as Men’s Hanes Tagless Tees (black logo on Blue, Orange and Stonewash Green), Women’s Bella + Canvas Triblend Short Sleeve Tees (Purple and Aqua), and Women’s Relaxed Jersey Tank Tops (Leaf and Heather Gray). All styles available in S to XXL. Order here.



Ocelot design is available in polo shirts in Men’s adidas Golf Men’s climalite® Basic Short-Sleeve Polo (light blue and forest green) and Hanes 50/50 ComfortBlend EcoSmart Jersey Knit Polo (cardinal, navy, deep forest green, and light blue). Lot tested, work approved! The design also is available on Flexfit 6-panel hats in Olive, Maroon, Dark Navy, and Dark Gray, as well as Men’s Hanes Tagless Tees (black logo on Blue, Orange and Stonewash Green), Women’s Bella + Canvas Triblend Short Sleeve Tees (Purple and Aqua), and Women’s Relaxed Jersey Tank Tops (Leaf and Heather Gray). All styles available in S to XXL.



Sneakin Salliez Shoes By Meggy Schaeffer

IMAG0124Sneakin Salliez are custom painted music-inspired sneakers and feature a number of different designs! Most of the shoes are Phish/ Grateful Dead inspired but the artist is open to music related custom orders. Every pair of Sneakin Salliez are hand painted with satin acrylic paint and sealed with a gloss finish. Some designs are re-created with every shoe but never exactly the same, so each pair is completely unique.

From the artist, Meggy Schaeffer: “It makes me so happy that my artwork is involved with such a beautiful community and I am forever grateful to connect with my customers…it lights me up to light you up! Thank you so much for checking out my artwork!”FB_IMG_1429294246613

Various sizes and styles available. Browse and Buy now: Sneakin Salliez

Rage Side Print by Andrew Cariboni

Andrews Art Prints presents a new print inspired by the infamous Page Side, Rage Side.
From the artist: “I’ve been here before on countless occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike’s side, floors, behind the stage, out in the hallway, etc, etc. But I absolutely loooove to rage Page Side.”

This is a numbered and signed 1/200 limited edition print. It is printed on an 15″ by 18.5″ thick matted stock.

Acrylic on canvas
Buy now: Rage Side

The artist will donate 10% of PhanArt sales to The Mockingbird Foundation.