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2015 Donations to The Mockingbird Foundation

Over the course of 2015, PhanArt has held art shows in Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia, brought new artists to fans through this website, and continued to promote this grand art community we are all a part of. Through these, donations for The Mockingbird Foundation have been raised in greater number than before.

In 2015, PhanArt and friends – artists and those who support those artists – raised $14393.43, raising the overall total money raised to support music education through Mockingbird to $32860 since 2009. In one year, we came close to doubling the amount of money raised in the five years prior, thanks to the generosity of artists and patrons alike. A deep, heartfelt thanks to those who made this year a banner year in raising funds for The Mockingbird Foundation to promote music education throughout the country.

Please give thanks and support the following artists featured on PhanArt this past year who donated to The Mockingbird Foundation
Driver (for Ryan) from Joseen – $100

Mike’s Groove Shirts from Clothing Company of Cape Cod – $15

Brooke Hancock’s Fishman Phriendship Bracelets – $20

Magnaball Prints by Terry Werner – 9 prints donated to Waterwheel Foundation at Magnaball

2015 Tour Prints by Caleb Williamson – $50

Magnabrawl Poster $20

Ocelot Ocelot Where Have you Gone  – Ocelot bag and print

Tweezer/Tabasco shirts from Dogmatagram Designs –  4 shirts

Forever Grateful Blotter Art by Lizzy Layne – 5 blotter art prints

Summer Tour Shirts from The Overhead View –  9 shirts

Doc Wildman Hand carved & painted wood sign – $15.55

Rage Side Print by Andrew Cariboni – $20

Fly the Phriendly Skies in Jiggs’ newest shirt  – $70

See the City See the Zoo with your Kids  – $25

Bathtub Gin print by Faith Sponsler – 4 prints

Coconuts and Chloroform Reba print – 4  prints

Dicks Martian Monster Prints – 5 prints

Personalized Song Necklaces from Earth Metal Spectrum – $30

Jampanties Tweezer  – 4 pairs

Martian Monster Pin from A Drive with Jill Designs  – 5 posters

Sneakin Salliez by Meggy Schaeffer – $50

Find Your City Patches and Stickers  – 2 patches

Alumni Blues Shirts from Tiddy Tees – 2 shirts

Texas Prints by Groundscores Unlimited – 5 Magnaball prints

Vermont Home of the Best Band Ever – 4 pairs of Phishades

New Gamehendge Pins – 2 pins

Watkins Glen Viking Shirts and Stickers  – $100

Phish Stickers and Drawings from Grateful Art Designs – $40

Total: $555.55 and a bunch of shirts, posters and stickers, available at the PhanArt table at Skyscraper is Grand, on January 2 at Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC