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TAB Halloween 2017 Print from Alex Greene

For all you TAB fans catching the shows this Fall up be sure  pick up this new hand cut, hand printed, linoleum block print from Alex Greene for the upcoming Trey Anastasio Band Halloween concerts. This 5×7 TAB Fall Tour Print on Stonehenge, 250 GSm, NeutralpH/Acid free paper. was created using 4 different color blocks.  Each print is hand painted, therefore each one is unique and will have slight variations to them. This run is a Limited Edition of 20 Signed and Numbered Yellow Variant Prints so order yours now for only $10! And be on the lookout for a  Super LE Gold Variant for just $13. Available for a short time only!

TAB Cleveland and MSG NYE Posters from Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly just finished up printing a 5-color screen print for the TAB show in Cleveland on May 23rd. It measures 12×18 on 80 lb watercolor paper, signed and numbered by the artist in a limited edition of 30.


You can pick one up here and any orders will be shipped within 1 day. Any remaining prints will be available post show outside of the venue. The price is $20 shipped to your door

MSG Print

Time to clean to shop out! Tim Kelly also has some MSG prints from 2012. But, it only has dates, no year. If you were at any of the MSG shows from 2010-2013, this print is for you! There’s not many left, so grab one before they’re all gone! These are signed and numbered in an edition of 76. This print measures 12×18 on 80 lb watercolor paper. These prints are $15 shipped to your door.


Maria DiChiappari’s Trey Ogden Poster

It is rare to see a phan poster for Trey Anastasio Band but Maria DiChiappari made a unique one for TAB at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado March 1st & 2nd 2011. Printed on 11×17 card stock this poster is in a limited edition of only 100. Each poster is signed and numbered by artist Maria DiChiappari and made with love.

Each poster costs $10 with $5 for shipping

Trey Anastasio Band, Utica, NY 10-25-02

If you werent at The Stanley for this show, you missed out on one of the strongest dance-inducing jams in TAB history followed by the show nearly coming to an end because we literally brought the roof down. Sort of.

The show is a solid one all around, with a strong opener in Javier Cinakowski (Have YOU ever seen a cow ski?), the first and only performance of ‘Perhaps‘ and a rare-mid set @ the BBQ. The Mr. Completely though, thats the big one here. Clocking in around 20 minutes, the jam just gets dirty and the crowd just kept dancing.  These old Depressionera theaters were not meant for this level of funk. Personally, I blame Cyro Baptista, but it was a collective effort. to bring the house down.

During Mr. Completely, as I personally witnessed from 5th row Ray-side, the balcony was literally bouncing up and down which was followed by hallucinations of Steve McCroskey-esque (Airplane!) as he sees the airplane in the tower saying It’s coming right at us!”. We needed no glue to see that the balcony was seriously shaking up and down with each collective jump of the crowd. A quick run to the bathroom and I saw what many others discuss as mere rumor nowadays – the fucking ceiling was seriously falling apart underneath the balcony – especially in the back area way behind the soundboard. One girl was covered in dried plaster and some blood, a few others in just plaster, but yeah, it was real. Pretty scary when you’re three sheets mid-second set.

Trey was then told by Brad to play ONLY acoustic, non-amplified songs for the rest of the night, without striking too much fear into the place. Few knew what happened, but the rest of the show: Ray Dawn, @ the Gazebo, and an hysterical story time before Pebbles and Marbles led to a memorable show for the music as well as the venue.

Overall, a great show, upped by request for all to enjoy. Download links below.

10/25/02 Stanley Theater, Utica, NY
Set I: Javier CinakowskiNight Speaks To A WomanActing the DevilThe Way I Feel,MozambiquePerhapsLast Tube
Set II: Curlew’s CallWindora BugAt the BarbequeMr. Completely1 2Ray Dawn Balloon3At the Gazebo4
Encore: Pebbles and Marbles5

1 “sickening”
2 Brad Sands came out to tell Trey something at the conclusion of Mr. Completely
3 At the end of Radon, Trey explains that the venue management was concerned about the stablity of the balcony after the amount of shaking that went on during Mr. Completely and that the remainder of the songs would be acoustic
4 With the horns at the front of the stage unmiced
5 Trey solo acoustic; Trey tells two stories prior to Pebbles and Marbles

Setlist Source: TeamUSA via PT
(Thanks to JB for the call)

CrazyRedBeard Jon Blake’s Trey Print

Jonathan Blake, aka CrazyRedBeard has created limited edition run of 27 prints to commemorate the Trey Anastasio Band show in Charlottesville this past tour. Measuring 11 x 15 with a border for framing, this piece was completed with archival inks and paper and is signed by the artist. Jon mentions that the piece represents the band name in symbolic acronym: (T)ree(A)pple(B)ee. The apple, if you notice, contains an upside down OM symbol.

These prints cost $28 each, including shipping and handling. You can send payment through Paypal to crazyredbeard@crazyredbeard.com

First 5 buys will receive a free set of Hampton posters (1 print and 3 posters for the price of 1!).

Isadora Bullock Trey Print

One of the few noteworthy fan prints from the recent TAB Winter Tour comes from PhanArtist Isadora Bullock.

“Big Red” is a 15 X 21.5 inch 4 color linocut in a limited edition of 55.  Each poster costs $30, including shipping.  You can order one of these great prints by emailing the artist, Isadora Bullock, at barkascruff@gmail.com

Trey Winter tour, by Isadora Bullock

TAB 2-22-01 Review and Download

Nine years ago, Trey Anastasio Band, about as close to the way we see it today played it’s second show of a winter 2001 tour at the Landmark Theater in Syracuse, NY. Reflecting on these past shows of a rejuvenated TAB, replete with horns and female vocals that are better than ever, I gave a listen to this show from 2/22/01 and found the same band, 9 years younger and full of the same talent and jam potential as we have today.

Set 1: In the Wee Wee hours, Push on Till the Day->Tube Top Wobble, Sunday Morning, Mozambique, Gotta Jibboo, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Guyute*

Set 2: Rainy Day Woman #12 & #35, Sand**, It Makes no Difference, Mellow Mood, Happy Coffee Song^, Nothin but an E Thing^^, At the Gazebo, Drifting

Encore: Will it Go Round in Circles?

* acoustic, performed seated on edge of stage

** with Trey on keys (20 minutes)

^ dedicated to Paul Languedoc

^^ Known now as the intro to  ‘Pebbles and Marbles’,

Trey 2-22-01 ticket

Shortly after listening to this, I remembered that I very strangely wrote a review of this and sent it off to a few friends that night, a supreme rarity since I never wrote a music review until that night. Since I’m great at cataloging and saving everything (see PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish for solid evidence of this OCD), my email review fo 2/22/01, written a few hours after the show ended.

Hello all. if you didnt get a chance to catch the trey and his band tour this time around, you missed an unbelievable show. it was well worth it, and even though the landmark is an amazing place to see a show, it is not run too well, ie, they ran out of water. but enough of that, on with the show.

acoustic guyute

After having some beers at the blue tusk, myself and some friends from faegans hit off the show.  i wound up having seats right i front of the sound board, about 16th row. the show began with what may be an old cover, called ‘wee wee hours’, (i think). they then played a very funky song ‘push on till the day’, which went on for close to 15 minutes. then an amazing new song, ‘its true’, which sounded like ‘fast enough for you’/’waste’.  ‘mozambique’ was next, and that is a very funky salsa tune, which had trey dancing a bit. then the band busts out into the one song i knew i would hear, ‘gotta jiboo’. i hear this song every place i go, and every venue in the last 2 years. after a long jam which made t seem like  jiboo as done, they went right back into it, then hit off a new one, burlap sack and pumps. the set ended with a rendition of guyute which cannot be compared to. acoustic, front and center of the stage, with trey teasing the crowd before going right back into the lyrics at the end.

after a 50 minute set break, the band returned and played, amazingly, ‘rainy day woman’ by dylan, which was key with the horns. then a long funky version of ‘sand’, (with trey on keys), followed by ‘it makes no difference’. trey then tells the audience that they want to play this next song that they have only rehearsed once, called out ‘mellow mood’, got ‘mellow mood’, great marley tune.  then as a dedication to paul, he plays the ‘happy coffee song’. after that, while i rememberit clearly, i have no idea the names of the songs. but everything was great, including a 15 minute encore of ‘will it go round in circles’

ed note: It seems that I left out a good deal of the show, but it was a clearly a blast going there, being nine years younger and being at my first Trey show. One of my favorite Trey shows ever, as well as being my first of a (personally) epic 2001