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PhanArt’s Best of 2010

2010 has been an amazing year for PhanArt on the lot and on the web. More and more art is being made by a larger number of fans, due to Phish’s return to full touring, more fans looking to share their creativity and the influence of the band in their lives, as well as a way to make it from show A to show B.

While we do not favor any art on the blog above any other art, this is the time of year when we share the Top fan creations of 2010 based on comments, reaction from phans at shows and online, as well as the creativity the artist put into the work. All PhanArt made in the last year has been amazing, and we think the following are some of the best.

This year we have 11, since we are ready to say hello to 2011

#10 Deer Creek Friday the 13th by lotlifestyle.com

These posters were seen briefly online before a last-minute trip out to Deer Creek, and we spotted them after night 1. We picked up a couple for ourselves and the good folks at lotlifestyle.com got in touch with us. Friday the 13th doesnt happen on tour very often so this creative effort is worth noting for its rarity and simplicity

#9 Isadora Bullock Deer Creek

This deer haunts our dreams. Now it haunts yours. Merry Phishmas!

#8 Ryan Kerrigan Broomfield

Brooms in a field. Simple and done well. Classic Kerrigan.

#7 Hartford Whalers/Wilson shirt

Combine the greatest defunct hockey team with Phish and you get this shirt. The weird thing: we never found out who was selling these on tour this summer. If you know who sold them, get them in touch with us!

#6 Bruce Horan’s SPAM SPAC

A street art feel and a play on words leads to a simple print that is anything but simple. Horan’s dedication to the craft is seen in the level of detail in this print.

#5 Eric Weber’s ‘Phreedom’

A great font + the most iconic of NYC images + Phish = Phreedom. An amazing senior project and entry into the world of PhanArt

#4 Brother shirt by UnoClay

Available ONLY on lot, UnoClay went all Nintendoo on us, coming up with a unique shirt (the back has the ? block and says ‘somebody’) that has detail worked into it. For fall he one upped himself – Birds of a Feather and Duck Hunt. Just when you thought shirt ideas were limited to corporate logos, along come games. Who’s making Call of Duty/Kill Devil Falls?

#3 AJ Masthay MSG

Not just one but THREE posters all sharing part of an aquarium. The first poster – the 30th comes on fierce as usual; the second – the 31st shows the ball dropping; the third – the 1st, is serene, as we will all be in recovery mode and asked to dance one more time to start the new year and decade.

#2 Lizzy Layne’s Fuck Your Face

A picture is worth a thousand words. Lizzy’s Holiday Run print has 3 words, so 3 x 1000 = 3000 words. Therefore, this poster is worth 3000 words AND tells you what to do with your face. Appropriate for work, home or the RV heading to the show.

and the #1 piece of PhanArt in 2010 is…………………..

#1 Vinny Naro’s Halloween Poster

Drawing by hand is one thing. Nearly everyone can do that. Drawing in pen and ink in extreme detail, and using nothing else in the process is painstakingly hard and takes a level of commitment that is rarely seen anywhere. Vinny Naro’s Atlantic City print is remarkable in its detail – the three clocks show 10:29, 10:30 and 10:31, respectively. The pipe organ is drawn to resemble the original that is housed in Boardwalk Hall (but in need of repairs, hence not being used that weekend). Satan is playing the pipe organ with his own devilish tune, and the designs throughout exhibit precision towards each facet of his work. Referring to this as a work of art is an understatement. We got this framed right after the shows.

Best PhanArt from Hampton

With the 1 year anniversary of Phish 3.0 upon us, we took a look at the PhanArt Archives and found we had over 60 pieces of art collected from our time at the shows, in the lots, and at Best Poster Convention III. Here are some of our favorites, a mock-top 10, since we couldnt choose just 10.

Top 10 best lot items on tour this fall!

10. Keep Trey Sober sticker – there have been a few things in poor taste relating to Trey’s sobriety. This is not one of them. It’s a good idea. A group effort is needed in all recovery from addiction. Keep that in mind. IMG_5762 9. Ph1-N1 shirt – Created by John Warner and Jduballstars; a nice nod to the flu that came and went faster than it takes to play the song this shirt is themed after. ph1-n1-front ph1-n1-back 8. Andrew Abis MSG – This poster tells a ton of stories about the band playing MSG. This is GREAT art! Pick it up by emailing Andrew at   prints@onephanstrash.com – $35 with free shipping!

Andrew Abis MSG
Andrew Abis MSG

7. Phenster’s pins – unique as hell, and not the rip-offs of the logo that a few people had the cojones to parade around (you know who you are). Noah keeps coming up with hits, and the pins look to be a regular top 10 feature, if these are any indication! phishpins.blogspot.com

6. Albany Lot Shirts – created by two hometown fans for two hometown shows.

albany phish shirt 5. Jiggs’ Ghost shirt – An Instant Classic. Up there with Glide/Tide in the Phish Lot pantheon of shirts. mailgooglecom3367390 4. Steve Rogers Syracuse Poster – Orange and Proud of it! Sick hometown show too! Syracuse Complete 3. God Says Jerry’s Fine Indio Church shirt – yes, we know, its from Indio, but everyone on lot who saw this wanted one. We still want to know where to get one even! If you made it, or know who made it, get us in touch with the creator! IMG950334

2. AJ Masthay Atlas MSG – Sold out the day it went on sale, with an iconic image and Masthay’s 8 color linoleum block print. A highly sought after poster. So when does he get to start making the official posters? MSG_Atlas

1. Bobbleheads – these have been the hottest item throughout Phish land, and equally so, a reported pain to the Phish management. Technically, they arent legit, since they bear the resemblance of the members of the band, but at the same time, they are so amazingly put together and designed.  You cannot deny that, and as much as you want one, you probably cant afford one, since they are going for over $100 on ebay at any given time.

For the record, no, we don’t know where to get them, as we have been looking for the creator and that has been to no avail. Please, don’t ask. This mystery man/woman has chosen to remain unknown. Let’s respect that.