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Introducing Mega Tubes

Mega Tubes is a new shipping tube provider who specializes in catering to the concert poster and art print industry. These tubes are thicker than other premium tube websites products, and the price is competitive with the cheapest tubes on the market! With minimum orders as low as 5 tubes, Mega Tubes is a great solution for anyone shipping posters from the casual trader to the commercial shipper. All orders ship within 24 hours, Mon-Sat. Protect and Prosper.


Tube, Hampton and Halloween Coins from Adam Davidoff

Adam Davidoff has been making Phish Coins for a decade now, and has two featured coins and one poker chip, including his newest “Tube” coin that he is sharing on PhanArt.

Adam’s descriptions of his coins and poker chip:

Tube Coin:

The inspiration for this coin was obviously the opening verse of the Phish classic “Tube” when Trey sings “An asteroid crashed and nothing burned. It made me wonder, do tigers sleep in lily patches? Do rhinos run from thunder?” To depict this opening verse of the song, I placed a tiger sleeping amongst some tiger lilies alongside a body of water containing a patch of lily pads. An asteroid is crashing into the mountain, yet nothing burns.


On the obverse side of the Tube Coin, a rhinoceros runs across the African savannah. Storm clouds are moving in quickly, and two bolts of lightning are crashing down, causing the rhino to run for its life.

The Tube Coin is 1.75″ in diameter, 3mm in thickness, has a reeded edge like a quarter, and has an antique silver finish. Both sides of the Tube Coin are presented in dramatic 3-D relief.

Hampton Coin:

For the Hampton 2013 Coin, I chose to go with a design that pays homage to the reflecting lake on the south side of the venue. As a nod to the outer space elements in this design, I chose to go with a NASA inspired font, and where better to use that but in Hampton, VA, the home of NASA’s Langley Research Center!


On the flip-side of the Hampton 2013 Coin, I wanted to pay homage to this long-awaited Fall Tour, so I chose to depict the historic “Emancipation Oak” that was an early educational site for Black children in the South, and was also where the first Southern reading of the Emancipation Proclamation was made!

The final element of my design was to pay tribute to the unique architecture of the Hampton Coliseum. Around the outer edge of each side of this coin (as you clearly can see) I created a triangular wedge pattern. This was done to mimic the look of the Mothership from above.

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Halloween Poker Chip:

The thinking behind this design was to recreate Boardwalk Hall in a silhouetted haunted house style. Two vultures flank the venue overhead, and Axilla the witch flies past the Halloween crescent moon. There are 31 stars in the sky, and 31 bay windows along the boardwalk at the bottom of the venue, and the $31 denomination of course!


On the flip-side of the Halloween 2013 Poker Chip, I symbolized a verse from the song Guelah Papyrus: “So maybe I could be a fly… and feed arachnid as I die.” A spider waits, ready to pounce on a fly that has been caught in its web. There is also an orange hourglass (a Sand reference) on the body of this spider.

The Hampton 2013 Fall Tour Coin marks the 2nd coin I have made for a run at Hampton Coliseum. As a nod to the outer space elements in this design, I chose to go with a NASA inspired font, and where better to use that but in Hampton, VA, the home of NASA’s Langley Research Center.

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New T-Shirt Designs from MyPhavoriteSongs

Tony Phillips has been hard at work creating new shirt designs over the past few months. Inspired by both new and classic Phish Songs Tony’s approach is to keep it as simple as possible, with only a minimal use of words combined with clever designs that embody the song. These great shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes and are available to order through Tony’s site at MyPhavoriteSongs.spreadshirt.com

Tony Has plans to tackle several songs. These are just a few of our Phavorites! Check them out and order yours today!

Tigers Sleep in Lily Patches hats from N’lytn Design


Tigers DO sleep in Lily patches! With art by Heath Fedorczak, this hat features a tiger resting comfortably in pink water lilies, with the words “So Stupendous!” across the back. A black hat with blue contrast stitching, the hat is made of acrylic wool and MADE in the USA out of a factory in Los Angeles, CA. Each hat costs $29.99 and can be purchased here. 

Bruce Horan First Tube Poster for Atlantic City

Bruce Horan has created his poster for the Bader Field shows, a two-color screen print on recycled French Speckletone paper that measures 16 x 20″ in an edition of 50. These posters will cost $10 and are available exclusively at the First Tube Poster and Art show on Saturday June 16th at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, from 10am-3pm.

Dan Grzeca’s Super Tube Sale!

Dan Grzeca, a Chicago artist and the talent behind Phish’s Official poster for UIC and many others is doing a big housecleaning at his shop this week…

“I’m putting together an amazing bunch of Mystery Tubes with six prints in them each. Most of the prints selected are editioned or “near miss” prints with a tiny drop of ink in the margin, or are overruns from the editions. These are some great assortments of work and probably the best “Mystery Tube” I’ll ever put together. Most tubes will have 4 18 x 24 size prints, one 22 x 30 print or similarly oversized print and a special 12 x 19 print ONLY available with this sale! So, its a special deal, for sure.

In Addition: 3 of the tubes will be BOXES, shipped flat to include a hand painted monoprint from the last 3 Monument Removal Technician paintings I have in the shop! Super Fantastic!!

I made about 75 of these up, so act quickly as I expect these to go fairly fast.”

Go to Dan’s site to order one of these tubes and get some great prints!

Merit Badges from Wazoo

Wazoo from Minnesota has come up with six Merit Badges for Summer 2012 – Sample in a Jar, Sleeping Monkey, Cities, Tube, Emotional Rescue and ‘Shh! They’re Playing!’ In an edition of 50, each badge measure 2″ across and costs $5 each with $1 shipping, or you can order the full set for $20 with $1 shipping.

These badges are available ONLY on lot, find Wazoo at Riverbend (Cincy) through Alpine Valley!

Antelope necktubes, cause it’s gonna be cold cold cold cold cold!

Presenting a very heady, very sensible piece of Phish clothing we fully endorse over here at PhanArt: The Antelope NeckTube!

First things first – What the heck is a NeckTube? Well, it’s a durable microfiber polyester/lycra pullover that fits loosely around your neck that you can pull up to cover up the lower part of your face and neck (hence the name, necktube). A softshell necktube, it is ideal for when you are biking, hiking, walking, snowmobiling, or pretty much any other activity where you want to keep cold air from rushing down your neck!
An added bonus, Antelope AND Tube; that makes for some tasty cowfunk jams. A strong selling point.

Neck tube
Antelope NeckTube

NeckTubes are machine washable, durable, will not fade and retains their cylindrical shape with no stretching! Created from a ‘technical fabric’, it keep moisture away from skin and is highly breathable, as well as being wind-resistant and water repellent. They were designed and printed digitally in England by Simon Ossitt, a Phish fan from the other side of the pond.

These qualities make it ideal for use in windy and wet conditions where you might need protection for your face or neck but are working hard and also need that extra comfort from the breathability, making it great for biking and trekking, but very adaptable…. these were designed by motorcyclists after all.

Another cool thing about the fabric is that it wont fuzz as fast as some of the competition due to the durability of the weave. They can also be worn as a skullcap or headband.

A portion of each sale will be donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.

Cost:$23.49 which includes shipping


Heady NeckTube

Tube shirts from Jiggs

From Jiggs:

It’s been 2 years since these were available. The Tube design was one of the first shirts I made, and they were never available on the blog. These are now available in short sleeve, long sleeve, and hoodies in a brand new color.

For this run, the design will be printed on a beautiful Indigo Blue. The short sleeve mens are Gildan 100% cotton (style 2000), ladies shirts are Gildan 100% cotton, junior cut (ladies substitute the color SKY) (style 64000L), the long sleeves are Gildan 100% cotton (style 2400), and the hoodies are Gildan 50/50 blend (style 18500). Tall sizes will substitute Sport Grey.

The print is a 3 color front – red, white and grey on indigo blue. The back print is grey and reads “A portrait of your past”. This is a limited run, so get your orders in now. Pre-orders will close on Sunday, October 16th. As with all Jiggs pre-orders, the shirts and hoodies will be available roughly 10 days after the order period ends. I will keep everyone updated on any delays.

Pick one up here