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Summer 2010 posters from Peter Washburn and Phil Luong

Peter Washburn and Phil Luong made these posters as a way to commemorate Phish’s 2010 Summer Tour as well as the July 3rd and 4th, 2010 shows in Alpharetta, Georgia.  They are printed on thick card stock and measure 13″ x 18.75″.

For the Summer Tour poster we used a shillouette theme with the Tweezer lyrics “Step Into the Freezer” as a juxtaposition to “Summer Tour” as well as an ironic way to escape the sweltering heat of the summer and enter the heat of the planet we know as “Phish”.

We created the posters for the July 3rd and 4th, 2010 shows in Atlanta (Alpharetta) to celebrate the nation’s birthday with a play on the very famous World War I Army recruitment made by James Montgomery Flagg in 1916.  In this case, however, both Trey and Mike are “Uncle Sam” and instead of saying “I Want YOU For U.S. Army” they say “We Want YOU To Be Happyfrom the song “Joy”.

Phil is a graphic designer in Jacksonville, FL and Peter is a botanist living in Greenville, SC.  They have each been seeing Phish since 1996. The summer tour poster is $15 while the “We want YOU” prints are $20, or get all 3 for $40!