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Touropoly: Play the Game, Rage the Lot!

From Phish fan extraordinaire Amy F. Fischer, comes the new touring-based board game TOUROPOLY. Born and raised in Utica and a resident of Albany, Amy F. Fischer is one of the coolest fans you will meet. She has come up with a fantastic idea that fans will love for years to come. See the details below the board.

The full color game includes:

• 6 game pieces designed after people you see in the lot,
• Property cards representing 21 music venues across America,
• Karma and Luck cards, including 10 “make your own” cards so you can add your own flare to the game!,
• 30 Pop Up vending tents (instead of hotels and houses) – because the more pop-ups you have in a lot, the better!,
• Money, dice, directions, etc…,
• GROUND SCORE! doubles as the “free parking” spot,

The cost is $40 for the Deluxe Edition (plus shipping and handling). If you are interested in a copy, please visit www.touropoly.com or email touropoly@gmail.com or buy one below.

2011 NYE Coin from Adam Davidoff

From Adam Davidoff of Phishcoins:

The inspiration for the 2011 NYE Coin was simple. I wanted the coin to be very NYC, while incorporating symbolism relating to both Phish and Madison Square Garden.

For one side, I re-worked the classic design of a New York City manhole cover. The circular and silver nature of the manhole cover struck me as the perfect design for one side of this coin. As a child growing up in New York City, these manhole covers were among my first vivid memories. Instead of reading “N.Y.C. SEWER” the manhole cover on the 2011 New Years Coin reads “N.Y.C. NEW YEARS.” I always enjoy a little word play, and it turns out that the words “NEW YEARS” are actually an anagram for “A N.Y. SEWER.” This design also drifts into the realm of the Maze design from my original coin, the Maze/Bowie Coin.

For the other side, I decided to pay homage to the Duke Ellington standard “Take the ‘A’ Train” that Phish covered 118 times between 1987 and 1994. Only 8 cover songs have been performed more times by Phish, so it holds its own in Phish lore. This side of the coin depicts an old ‘A’ Train subway from the Roaring Twenties (the heyday of the Jazz Age) emerging from a tunnel as it pulls into Penn Station, where M.S.G. is located. The ‘A’ Train is littered with Phish symbolism. The four lights on the front of the subway car contain the letters “J, E, M & P” in them. The dates for the 2011 New Years Run appear on the door of the ‘A’ Train, and I threw on a couple of my favorite “lot” stickers on the front of the train, suggesting that it had been “tagged” by a phan. The words “NYC” and “NYE” appear in the oval lights on the top right and left of the subway as well.

The 2010 NYE Coin is antique silver in color, 1.75″ in diameter, 4 millimeters thick, has reeded edges, and was be minted in a limited run of 300 sequentially numbered coins. The cost of the 2011 NYE Coin is $20 on the Lot, or priced as follows with USPS Delivery Confirmation Shipping & Handling Fees: 1=$24 : 2=$45 : 3=$66 : 4=$87 : 5=$108 : 6=$129 : 7=$150

All Inquiries, Paypal Payments & USPS Money Order Requests to: phishcoins@gmail.com

Please Submit Paypal Payments as a “Personal” > “Payment Owed” if possible.

You can order the coins here 

Antelope necktubes, cause it’s gonna be cold cold cold cold cold!

Presenting a very heady, very sensible piece of Phish clothing we fully endorse over here at PhanArt: The Antelope NeckTube!

First things first – What the heck is a NeckTube? Well, it’s a durable microfiber polyester/lycra pullover that fits loosely around your neck that you can pull up to cover up the lower part of your face and neck (hence the name, necktube). A softshell necktube, it is ideal for when you are biking, hiking, walking, snowmobiling, or pretty much any other activity where you want to keep cold air from rushing down your neck!
An added bonus, Antelope AND Tube; that makes for some tasty cowfunk jams. A strong selling point.

Neck tube
Antelope NeckTube

NeckTubes are machine washable, durable, will not fade and retains their cylindrical shape with no stretching! Created from a ‘technical fabric’, it keep moisture away from skin and is highly breathable, as well as being wind-resistant and water repellent. They were designed and printed digitally in England by Simon Ossitt, a Phish fan from the other side of the pond.

These qualities make it ideal for use in windy and wet conditions where you might need protection for your face or neck but are working hard and also need that extra comfort from the breathability, making it great for biking and trekking, but very adaptable…. these were designed by motorcyclists after all.

Another cool thing about the fabric is that it wont fuzz as fast as some of the competition due to the durability of the weave. They can also be worn as a skullcap or headband.

A portion of each sale will be donated to The Mockingbird Foundation.

Cost:$23.49 which includes shipping


Heady NeckTube

2011 Commemorative NYE NYC MSG Token Pendant by Jennifer Kahn

Vermont artist Jennifer Kahn has been making jewelry for over a decade. Her designs fuse old and new, industrial and natural, urban and ethnic. She graduated from UVM with a BA in Art and English in 2001. Jennifer has sold her work at craft shows, in galleries and has been featured in exhibits across the US, UK, and Japan. Her work has been in top jewelry magazines and several books, included the cover of the Lark book “Stitched Jewels“.

For this New Years run, Jennifers’ second token evokes the current presence of activists camped out in NYC.  This year there are many fish and they play a more active role in the design – poised to take a bite out of the big apple. Not only does it commemorate the New Year’s Run with all 4 dates etched along the edge, but it is a true sign of the times with the letters “OCCUPY MSG” subtly spelled out among the fish. We might be small but our numbers are strong. From a distance the image resembles a flower… we come in peace.

Available in Sterling silver as a token $25, or pendant (on cord $38, or sterling chain $48) and NEW THIS YEAR – BRASS (not pictured) as a token $15, magnet $20, or pendant on cord $25. The token is the size of a quarter and makes a great holiday gift for your favorite fan! In a limited edition of 100 tokens, they are poised to sell fast. Jennifer’s signature can be found on the bottom edge. Once again, 10% of every sale will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

Pick up Jennifer’s newest creation here, and check out Jennifer’s Etsy Shop or if you live in Burlington you can also find her selling in Burlington, VT at various holiday craft shows and always on display at Trinket, 28 Church Street

Each item comes nicely packaged and ships Priority Mail. Shipping is a flat $5.00 for as many items as will fit in the box.
Pre-ordering starts now and orders will be shipped out on December 10th.

Superball IX Race car pins and 25th, 50th & 100th show pins from Rory Boyan

From Rory Boyan comes his SuperBall IX racecar pin with incredible detail and a set of three ‘milestone’ pins that commemorate an individual fans 25th, 50th and 100th show. All pins below cost $15 each with $3 shipping and handling.

The SuperBall IX Formula 1 car features Hoodyear tires, a Lizard on side of car, Rutherford the brave driving, Prussia on the spoiler, the phrase “Read the Book”, “Hendge-oil”, on a #9 car with 1 and 3 as headlights for the dates of the festival.

This is a 25 scale pin representing having gone to 25 shows plated in brass

This is a 50 scale pin with 50 scales etched onto the pin and plated in silver commemorating having been to 50 shows.

This is a 100 scale pin, plated in gold with 100 scales etched onto pin, commemorating a 100th show


“Kuroda Colors Light” and Trey Button from Lori Hartlein

From Lori Hartlein come two very unique pieces of Phish phan art.

“I couldn’t resist the Kuroda play-on Crayola. Since Chris is the “5th member of the band” and is being recognized more and more for his talent, I felt a box of  6 crayons in a clear plastic box reading “CK5” / “Kuroda Colors light” to honor Chris Kuroda, Phish’s light director. The box is stashy and reuseable and comes with Phish related artwork coloring paper. Great for kids!” Cost is $5

Comes with Crayons, Case AND Paper!
This provides evidence Kuroda enjoys hugs from cute girls

“Tell us a story, Trey?” Buttons are hand drawn art in a 2.25″ pinback button referring to The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday and the way Trey talks to audiences during songs such as Colonel Forbin’s Ascent. The cost is 1 for $3, 2 for $5 with $1 shipping and handling.


1 for 3, 2 for 5


Maria DiChiappari Summer Tour Mugs

Maria DiChiappari’s Summer Tour mugs were created by Alex Ruda, Mike Grieco and Maria DiChiappari all of Mariaddesigns.com These 16 oz glass mugs will be sold in the lots before and after the shows at Bethel Woods, Mansfield and Camden. They also will be sold at the Villa Roma Resort during the Bethel Woods run. The mugs cost $20 a piece and 2 for $30. Only 100 were made so get a great collectible to bring home from Summer Tour 2011!

Any remaining mugs left after these shows will be available on PhanArt following tour.

Venue and Ticket Stub Magnets for Summer 2011

Phans Rich, Jen and Autumn have created some unique collectible venue magnets for Summer 2011. These 2″ round magnets commemorate some of the most photogenic venues to be visited by Phish this summer. Magnets are made from 3/16″ Lucite and 30mm magnetic backing, making a nice heavy little magnet that can easily hold 4 full sheets of paper. (Not 5, they tested.) All artwork is original and a combination of pencil drawing, photography, hand-cut stencil, spray paint and electronic manipulations. These magnets are all phan-made right here in the USA.

Please specify which magnet(s) you want in the notes of your Paypal payment below. Discounts apply to all purchases of 2 or more, drop a line if you want more than 3.  Magnet(s) will ship out the day after payment is made. These are a great little gift for the people you are hitting the shows with! 2″ round magnets are 1 for $5, 2 for $8, 3 for $10.

You can also turn your ticket stubs into a heavy, lucite magnet. We all have them: stacks of ticket stubs that sit in some dark corner of our homes, rarely seen, rarely considered. Why not bust them out and use them to hold up things on your fridge? These ticket stub magnets are made from YOUR ticket stub(s) and are a great way to preserve and display your little pieces of history. To get these made, you simply send your stubs to Rich, Jen and Autumn where they will cold-press the stubs and trim them if they need it, then place them under 3/16″ Lucite and adhere the finished product to a 30mm magnetic backing, creating a nice heavy magnet in the size of the original ticket. Ticket magnets are shipped back to you with delivery confirmation and insurance within 48 hours. Pick stubs that will look good together on the fridge or anything you want to preserve (Big Cypress for example). While mint-stubs come out looking better, but even the most beat up old creased stub looks better under some Lucite! Lucite will never yellow or crack.


these are no longer for sale

Adam Davidoff Bethel Woods(tock) Coins

From Adam Davidoff and Phish Coins comes the first (and only) Bethel Woods(tock) Coin:

For one side of the Bethel Woods(tock) Coin I designed a tribute to the original Woodstock logo with the acoustic guitar and dove, but worked in a Phishy spin. Instead of an acoustic guitar, I depicted as accurately as possible the new “Ocedoc” guitar currently being used by Trey. Instead of a dove, I placed the Famous Mockingbird on the neck of the guitar.

As a spin-off from the original phrase “An Aquarian Exposition in White Lake, NY” I changed it to read “A Piscean Exposition in Bethel, NY” and did so for two reasons. First, we are not actually at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius as some seemed to think in the mid 1960s, we are still in the Age of Pisces. I am not an astrology kind of guy… there is actually a scientific element to this. Secondly, the symbol for Pisces is a fish, so I couldn’t resist the double entendre. Instead of using the original “2 Days of Peace and Music” phrase, I changed it to read “3 More Days of Peace & Music” since that is exactly what will go down this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend!

As for the flip side of the Bethel Woods(tock) Coin, I created a scene that blends Memorial Day history with a dose of Gamehendge imagery and symbolism. The Rhombus in the center of the design is a tribute to the Tony Smith’s “New Piece” sculpture which can be found “somewhere” in New Jersey, in Trey’s old stomping grounds. The Rhombus serves as a tribute to the ultimate Memorial Day symbol in my eyes, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I am calling this Rhombus “The Tomb of the Unknown Lizard” and the scene portrays a lizard rejoicing in the overthrow of King Wilson, as symbolized by the memorial wreath of poppies featuring the historic Crest of Prussia in the middle. The poppy flower has been tied to Memorial Day since the early 1900s when women used to sell them to raise money for decorating the tombs of fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. This holiday in fact was originally called “Decorating Day” for this reason.

The Rhombus was a sacred site at which the Lizards would pray to Icculus. The sky above has the clouds parting with the sun between, representing The Divided Sky, and the two “Gateways to Gamehendge” are represented by the Nitrous Oxide tank with the word “Kung” written on it. The Helping Friendly Book lies on the ground, having been retrieved by the Famous Mockingbird, and the tree to the right of the Rhombus is a Weeping Fikus, commonly known as the “Tree of Knowledge” which is mentioned in Colonel Forbin’s Ascent.

I hope you like the design, as it is littered with Phish symbolism! As all Phish Coins are, the Bethel Woods(tock) Coin is antique silver in color, 1.75″ in diameter, has a reeded edge (like a quarter) and is sequentially numbered from 1-300.


The cost for each coins with shipping are 1=$24, 2=$45, 3=$66, 4=$87, 5=$108
Poker Chip prices w/ shipping are: 1=$13, 2=$24, 3=$35, 4=$46, 5=$57 

See more of Adam’s coins from years and shows past here


Prices with Shipping


Halloween Poker Chips:

Prices with Shipping


Festival $8 Bill:

Prices with Shipping


Pin Me Down Designs

Pin Me Down Designs is the creation of Josh & Christy from North Carolina. Having been on tour since 1996, you may have seen them flip quesadillas on lot. They have been designing pins since summer 2009. Most of the pins are produced in small quantities or limited editions and designed based on their love of music.  Josh and Christy try to keep their designs modern and make their pins suitable for clothing, bags, hats or collecting. Each pin incorporates the limits of what can be done with a pin (i.e. the book pin and their spinner pins). Although most of their pins can be found on their website, they doe make a few ‘lot only’ pins that can only be found at shows.

The pins seen here include the Ghost Book Pin which is an actual tiny book that opens to read “Summer Tour 2011” on the left page. The tour dates and cities are listed on the right page. This pin is a limited edition of 300 for the first leg of Summer 2011. It measures 1.25” and has a double posted back. Cost for the pin is $20 plus $3 shipping and handling.

The Ghost Pin is a super cute Mini-Pac-Man style ghost wearing the Cheerio dress. This pin is .5” and has 1 post and is perfect to rock low key style. Cost for this pin is $10 with $3 shipping and handling.

Trey/Jedi Pin: This brand new design says Trey and flips to read Jedi. It features Trey’s Languedoc and a glow in the dark light saber! This pin measures 2” from guitar to tip of light saber and is double backed. This pin costs $18 with $3 shipping and handling.

Ghost Pin

Ghost Book Pin

Trey/Jedi Pin