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Magnaball “Drive In”

Magnaball “Drive In” wall art by Steve Olker is printed on professional grade acrylic with brushed metal posts at each corner for hanging. This piece is available in 4 sizes.


Small (small) 16 x 9 – $65. The crop is good, again slightly different from the 21×12, but not significantly. This will look great inconspicuously posted in your office, or perhaps in the den, or next to all those family photos in the hall.

Medium (standard) 21 x 12 – $95. – SOLD OUT

Large (magna) 32 x 18 – $160. This is the size I have hanging on my wall. It looks nice above the tv. The detail and resolution are superb, and it definitely makes a statement. The crop is a little different from the the 21×12, but no one besides me would probably notice. (shipping is an extra $5)

Print 18 x 12 – $15. (Kodak Endura Luster). For anyone who wants a traditional print, I am offering this at the stated size of 18×12. Feel free to mount and frame as you please. Just note that the it had to be cropped significantly to make this work (e.g. trim the ends)

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