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Tripp’s newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 1

Below is the latest update from regular contributor to PhanArt, artist Tripp Shealy. To sign up for this newsletter and to purchase any of the items listed below, please go to Trippsprints.com

Winterfest on the Mountain featuring Wicked Messenger, Billy Nershi, Cornmeal, Head for the Hills, Marco Benevento Trio, Charlie Hunter, Elegant Survival, Mountain Standard Time, Springdale Quartet, White Water Ramble, and more. This awesome festival is happening in Nederland, Colorado over the course of three days, Jaunary 21, 22, and 23rd. Tickets still available here. We will be there all three nights with art available for purchase.

This fall, I released three new collectible pins in conjunction with Josh from King Pin. Pins were released in limited editions of 300, with my signature and # engraved on the back. Remaining pins are available for purchase on TRiPPsPrints.com.

I am also excited to release the newest pin design to you, today:

It will be available to purchase on or before February 1st.

I am very excited to announce a new project for 2011… I have written the name of every state on paper, folded all 50 and put them into a jar. Each week I will be drawing the name of a new state out of the jar, then designing and silk-screening an art print for that state.

Each print will be unique, however each will be designed using the same hand drawn border. The art prints will be inspired by well known characteristics, the history of, the monuments within, and the landscapes of each state. Each state’s print will be in an edition of 50.

I am offering this series of prints available for pre-purchase as a complete matching numbered set for $325 shipped in 2 packages of 25 prints.

2010 subscriptions just shipped! They included 98 prints from throughout the entire year for a variety of events and acts around the nation, including three art prints. 2011 subscriptions are now available for purchase for $650.

2011 subscriptions will include the 50 state series and everything else I print on paper throughout the year. These sets will be numbered together and are available in very limited quantity. 2011 subscription sets will ship in January of 2012.

After your purchase, I will contact you with the list of numbered sets available, at which time you will choose the numbered subscription you will receive for the year.

I will be participating in the Poster Expo in Broomfield, CO on Saturday February 12th at the Aloft Hotel, right next to the Broomfield Event Center during the Furthur shows. This event will be free to the public.

All posters are original art created by TRiPP in limited, signed and numbered editions.  All prints are created with pure creative energy and are not considered to be representative of any other entity, other than that which is related to TRiPP’s art.  Any similarity to actual events or persons, places, or things is pure coincidental and unintentional.