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Setlist Tees, a Unique Concert T-shirt Combo

Ryan Stanley had a dream. His dream was that he could wear a T-Shirt that represented memories of his favorite concerts, the shows he’s been to and shows he wishes he’d been to. Ryan has a friend named Rick, a fellow music enthusiast who owns his own graphic design company. One night in October of 2010 the two friends got together over several cold beers at a local watering hole and put the seeds in the ground for what would eventually become SetListTees.com. The shirts below are a small sampling of what they have designed and made for sale on their site.

7/2/94 – Garden State Arts Center

One of our more popular shirts with the old school cassette on the front.This was also a special show for me, as it was the second of nine shows that I went to that summer and it was just the beginning of my first ‘Tour’.

7/8/94 – Great Woods

Part of that same tour and the last time that Phish played Gamehenge.What a summer. The design is the date surrounded by trees which is in reference to Great Woods, but may also be considered the forest of Gamehenge

12/2/09 – Madison Square Garden

First show at MSG in 3.0 – Also the first show at MSG for Phans who were too young to see them previously in NYC. There’s no place like the Garden. The design is literally a Square Garden with the date growing out of it.

9/2/11 – Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

The ‘S’ show! I remember listening to this show from the comfort of my Couch Tour and the lightbulb going off about 3 songs in that they were all S songs and really looking forward to the rest of the show to see if they’d pull the whole thing off. We’ve actually got 3 versions of this shirt. The one pictured is based off of the Superman logo because the show was So Super!!

10/20/10 – Guyutica

Considered by many to be a highlight of 2010 (which is saying a lot) – Personally this is one of my absolute favorite designs that we have.

6/22/94 – Veterans Memorial Auditorium

The second set from this show is literally one of my all time favorite sets. It takes place in Columbus OH – Hence the Columbus on the front of the shirt.

Pick up these shirts and suggest others at SetListTees.com and find them on the web at Facebook.com/SetListTees,
Twitter.com/SetListTees and pinterest.com/setlisttees

Brandon Otto Halloween and Fall Tour Posters

A fall collection of posters from PhanArtist Branden Otto. You can pick up any of these posters from previous shows at brandenottoart.com. He’ll be at Boardwalk Hall with his AC prints after the show Friday night. After that they’ll be available on his website.

Atlantic City OCTOBER 29, 30, 31
1 hand pulled screen print 6 colors
All signed and Numbered LIMITED to only 20
$15.00 Set

Buy one, get the poster below free!

Atlantic City OCTOBER 29, 30, 31
$15.00 Set
1 hand drawn 9×24 giclee “HYHU”

Broomfield October 10,11,12
4 color screen print Hand Pulled
“Dont Eat The Brown Bear”
Limited Edition of 50
Signed & Numbered

4 color screen print hand pulled
Limited Edition of 20
Hand Signed & Numbered

Providence October 22
3 Color screen prints Hand pulled
2 different variants
Limited Edition of only 15 each
SIgned & Numbered
each $10.00

Providence Merit Badges from PhanArt!

We have made a collection of 3 merit badges, exclusive from PhanArt, for the Fall 2010 tour. Designed by Jiggs and will be available on lot. Each badge is stitched in an edition of 50 and costs $5 with Free Shipping. Order one or all 3 below. Badges pre-ordered will ship next week.

Update! 11/2 – we are all out of Utica badges. Only a few AC badges remain.

Update 5/31 – we are all out of Atlantic City Badges. Only 5 Providence Badges remain!

Update – this badge is sold out!

Ryan Kerrigan prints for Fall Tour 2010

From Ryan Kerrigan, his posters for Fall 2010. Four stops on the tour are offered this tour, including Broomfield, Utica, Amherst, and Manchester.

Ryan will be on hand at Manchester and Broomfield selling these prints.

For the Utica and Amherst prints, you can find them at Utica, Providence, Amherst, Atlantic City, and here on the PhanArt Blog by clicking the Paypal button below! Posters are $15 each on lot, $18 including shipping online.

If you want to find PhanArt Pete on lot, best bet is to follow him on twitter – www.twitter.com/phanart and send him a reply to find out where he is.

Broomfield silkscreen edition of 55, 8.5"x20" (sold out)
Amherst offset prints, edition of 55, 10"x 16.5"
Manchester Silkscreen edition of 25, 8.5"x20" (available only in Manchester)

Utica offset prints, edition of 55, 10"x 16.5"


Phish Fall Tour 2010 Dates

Confirmed Phish Fall Tour Dates

10/8 – Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin, TX

10/10-10/12 –  1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO

10/15-16 -North Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, SC

10/19 – Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME

10/20 – Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica, NY

10/22 – Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI

10/23-24 -Mullins Center, UMASS Amherst, MA

10/26 – Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH

10/29-10/31 – Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Initial analysis indicates that Phish has some sort of grudge against the west coast, and that those 3 Greek shows should hold you over for about 10-11 months. Phish also seems to like being near home, spending 9 out of 15 dates of fall tourin the northeast. This bodes well for people who live in the northeast, as well as the potential for extras, with less college kids from the midwest and south coming to see Phish. But there’s always Umphrey’s McGee and Widespread Panic to hold you over till New Years. It’s not the same, but if you pretend its sometime between 2005-2008 when Phish wasn’t touring, it will feel right. Maybe not completely right, but close.

But yeah, Midwest got hosed on tour dates. What did you guys do?

Some Atlantic City tips – bring condoms. This goes for dudes as well as the ladies. Understand that Atlantic City is a CDC hazard site and you will most likely leave with an STD.  A bachelor party I attended in 2005 netted 5 cases of the Clap alone in one hotel room. Wear these condoms during the show, just to be safe. Rashes and diseases sneak up all over during the stay there. They don’t come out during the day usually, but around 6pm, load up on lots of hand-sanitizer. For your skin, not to drink. The predictable hot lot item? Penicillin. By the bottle. Going rates in early fall tour trading on the PhanArt Stock Exchange show initial projections to be 1 for 3, 2 for 5 (143245) but this could rise as tour heats up. Diseases are attracted to heat. Stay vigilant fans. Also a hot lot item:

nectar of the gods

Mainly in Utica, but don’t be surprised to see it in…. Oh nevermind, it’s only going to be a hot lot item in Utica. And cheap as shit too. Enjoy the deliciousness that is, Utica Club. ANYONE CAN JOIN THE UTICA CLUB! We’ll see you this fall folks! Stay tuned for updates from the road, as well as phan made art for sale here on the PhanArt Blog!

Trey Anastasio Band, Utica, NY 10-25-02

If you werent at The Stanley for this show, you missed out on one of the strongest dance-inducing jams in TAB history followed by the show nearly coming to an end because we literally brought the roof down. Sort of.

The show is a solid one all around, with a strong opener in Javier Cinakowski (Have YOU ever seen a cow ski?), the first and only performance of ‘Perhaps‘ and a rare-mid set @ the BBQ. The Mr. Completely though, thats the big one here. Clocking in around 20 minutes, the jam just gets dirty and the crowd just kept dancing.  These old Depressionera theaters were not meant for this level of funk. Personally, I blame Cyro Baptista, but it was a collective effort. to bring the house down.

During Mr. Completely, as I personally witnessed from 5th row Ray-side, the balcony was literally bouncing up and down which was followed by hallucinations of Steve McCroskey-esque (Airplane!) as he sees the airplane in the tower saying It’s coming right at us!”. We needed no glue to see that the balcony was seriously shaking up and down with each collective jump of the crowd. A quick run to the bathroom and I saw what many others discuss as mere rumor nowadays – the fucking ceiling was seriously falling apart underneath the balcony – especially in the back area way behind the soundboard. One girl was covered in dried plaster and some blood, a few others in just plaster, but yeah, it was real. Pretty scary when you’re three sheets mid-second set.

Trey was then told by Brad to play ONLY acoustic, non-amplified songs for the rest of the night, without striking too much fear into the place. Few knew what happened, but the rest of the show: Ray Dawn, @ the Gazebo, and an hysterical story time before Pebbles and Marbles led to a memorable show for the music as well as the venue.

Overall, a great show, upped by request for all to enjoy. Download links below.

10/25/02 Stanley Theater, Utica, NY
Set I: Javier CinakowskiNight Speaks To A WomanActing the DevilThe Way I Feel,MozambiquePerhapsLast Tube
Set II: Curlew’s CallWindora BugAt the BarbequeMr. Completely1 2Ray Dawn Balloon3At the Gazebo4
Encore: Pebbles and Marbles5

1 “sickening”
2 Brad Sands came out to tell Trey something at the conclusion of Mr. Completely
3 At the end of Radon, Trey explains that the venue management was concerned about the stablity of the balcony after the amount of shaking that went on during Mr. Completely and that the remainder of the songs would be acoustic
4 With the horns at the front of the stage unmiced
5 Trey solo acoustic; Trey tells two stories prior to Pebbles and Marbles

Setlist Source: TeamUSA via PT
(Thanks to JB for the call)