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Auction of 3 Colorado Posters for Mockingbird

To commemorate the 3 nights of Phish at Dick’s this past weekend, we have three posters up for auction to benefit Mockingbird

Isadora Bullock – Titled “Steep” and commemorating the shows Phish played in Telluride in 2010, this poster measures 15″ x 21.5″, in a 3 color linocut limited edition of 125. Original cost was $20. This poster has since sold out!

Vinny Naro – This poster was made, as all Vinny’s work is, by hand with pen and ink. A limited run of posters was made for Red Rocks and all have sold out. The intricate detail and style of Naro’s artistry make it rare, artfully crafted concert poster art.

Kevin Mand – About the poster: The original work was done on cold press illustration board with pigment liner pens. Kevin notes that he chose to do the black and white point-o-lism as he feels it relates to how Phish is to him, as well as it is a very intricate and timeconsuming process. After hiking around Telluride for a bit he brainstormed this idea at the town park stage thinking about the “bands view”. The prints where done digitally on 12pt semi-gloss paper, with only 250 done, they are all signed and numbered.

All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education across the country. Check out www.mbird.org for more info.

The posters are wrapped in craft paper and shipped in a sealed poster tube.


Four Jones Beach Posters up for Auction for Mockingbird

Continuing with our successful auction for Mockingbird in 2011 that have netted over $150 so far this year, we have four posters from artists featured on the PhanArt Blog who graciously donated their art to support music education. Please take a look at the auction and support The Mockingbird Foundation!

Featured in the auction are four posters from Jones Beach and Summer 2010 tour

Erin Cadigan’s poster for 2nd leg of summer tour. Based on the Virgin of Guadeloupe, the clouds are the venues and dates. The print measures 12″x18″, comes from a signed and numbered edition of 113 and is printed on 1-33 Champagne pearlized 100# cover 34-113 Cougar felted 100#cover (nice white paper). This poster is #80/113

Vinny Naro’s poster is 12×18″ on 100lb. uncoated stock in an edition of 150. Each poster is signed and numbered. This poster is an Artists Proof.

Bruce Horan’s poster is 9.5X15″ and printed on 300 gsm Coventry Rag paper. A 2 color silkscreen
with metallic silver ink, this poster is signed and numbered. This poster number is 23/80.

Jonathan Caplan’s Jones Beach print is a 13” x 19” Giclee print from J Cap Design is a signed and numbered edition of 20. It was printed the day before the Jones Beach shows this August, and features the mock-quote “We don’t want no night sky”. This poster is #7/20

All these prints and more are featured on the PhanArt Blog – www.phanart.net/blog – check it out daily for new art made by Phish fans, with a percent of each donation going to The Mockingbird Foundation

All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education across the country. Check out www.mbird.org for more info.

PhanArt’s Best of 2010

2010 has been an amazing year for PhanArt on the lot and on the web. More and more art is being made by a larger number of fans, due to Phish’s return to full touring, more fans looking to share their creativity and the influence of the band in their lives, as well as a way to make it from show A to show B.

While we do not favor any art on the blog above any other art, this is the time of year when we share the Top fan creations of 2010 based on comments, reaction from phans at shows and online, as well as the creativity the artist put into the work. All PhanArt made in the last year has been amazing, and we think the following are some of the best.

This year we have 11, since we are ready to say hello to 2011

#10 Deer Creek Friday the 13th by lotlifestyle.com

These posters were seen briefly online before a last-minute trip out to Deer Creek, and we spotted them after night 1. We picked up a couple for ourselves and the good folks at lotlifestyle.com got in touch with us. Friday the 13th doesnt happen on tour very often so this creative effort is worth noting for its rarity and simplicity

#9 Isadora Bullock Deer Creek

This deer haunts our dreams. Now it haunts yours. Merry Phishmas!

#8 Ryan Kerrigan Broomfield

Brooms in a field. Simple and done well. Classic Kerrigan.

#7 Hartford Whalers/Wilson shirt

Combine the greatest defunct hockey team with Phish and you get this shirt. The weird thing: we never found out who was selling these on tour this summer. If you know who sold them, get them in touch with us!

#6 Bruce Horan’s SPAM SPAC

A street art feel and a play on words leads to a simple print that is anything but simple. Horan’s dedication to the craft is seen in the level of detail in this print.

#5 Eric Weber’s ‘Phreedom’

A great font + the most iconic of NYC images + Phish = Phreedom. An amazing senior project and entry into the world of PhanArt

#4 Brother shirt by UnoClay

Available ONLY on lot, UnoClay went all Nintendoo on us, coming up with a unique shirt (the back has the ? block and says ‘somebody’) that has detail worked into it. For fall he one upped himself – Birds of a Feather and Duck Hunt. Just when you thought shirt ideas were limited to corporate logos, along come games. Who’s making Call of Duty/Kill Devil Falls?

#3 AJ Masthay MSG

Not just one but THREE posters all sharing part of an aquarium. The first poster – the 30th comes on fierce as usual; the second – the 31st shows the ball dropping; the third – the 1st, is serene, as we will all be in recovery mode and asked to dance one more time to start the new year and decade.

#2 Lizzy Layne’s Fuck Your Face

A picture is worth a thousand words. Lizzy’s Holiday Run print has 3 words, so 3 x 1000 = 3000 words. Therefore, this poster is worth 3000 words AND tells you what to do with your face. Appropriate for work, home or the RV heading to the show.

and the #1 piece of PhanArt in 2010 is…………………..

#1 Vinny Naro’s Halloween Poster

Drawing by hand is one thing. Nearly everyone can do that. Drawing in pen and ink in extreme detail, and using nothing else in the process is painstakingly hard and takes a level of commitment that is rarely seen anywhere. Vinny Naro’s Atlantic City print is remarkable in its detail – the three clocks show 10:29, 10:30 and 10:31, respectively. The pipe organ is drawn to resemble the original that is housed in Boardwalk Hall (but in need of repairs, hence not being used that weekend). Satan is playing the pipe organ with his own devilish tune, and the designs throughout exhibit precision towards each facet of his work. Referring to this as a work of art is an understatement. We got this framed right after the shows.

Auction for Mockingbird: Fall Tour posters and more!

This is the first of 4 consecutive auctions we will be holding for Mockingbird. We are aiming to meet our goal of $3000 raised total by the end of the year, and ask fans to support us in reaching this goal.

Click here to see the posters and bid!

Included in this auction are:

1. Vincenzo Naro’s hand drawn and extremely detailed poster features the pipe organ from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. The Devil is playing the organ below. This is entirely done in ink and pen by hand. The 12×16″ variants on 100lb. cover stock are $20.00 price includes shipping. Signed and numbered out of 200. A portion of the proceeds will go to Mockingbird.

2. Keith ‘Scramble’ Campbell made this artist proof design during the 12/31/95 Phish show at MSG in NYC. The drawing has the notation a/p for artist proof in the upper right hand corner with the artists signature and BE GOOD noted by the artist as well.
3. Caimen Ruff’s first poster featured The Palmetto and crescent moon are from the SC flag. The piece was created using prismacolor markers and pen on vellum and measures 11×17.  There are 20 posters in this run and this is one of 3 remaining unsold.

4. MelanieJane Barnum’s fall tour print is done in watercolor and is from a limited edition of 9

5. Adam Miszewski’s first ever print celebrates the 10/29-31 run of shows in Atlantic City, NJ.  This screen print is 11×17 and signed an d numbered. There are two versions of this poster: 80 orange/brown prints and 20 blue prints. This auction features the Orange/brown, not the blue one.

Vinny Naro’s Atlantic City poster

One of the best posters of the year (in our opinion), Vinny Naro’s Atlantic City poster is a hand drawn poster signed and numbered out of 200. The 12×16″ variants on 100lb. cover stock are $20.00 price includes shipping. A portion of the proceeds will go to Mockingbird. This poster is PhanArt Approved and PhanArt

Vinny Naro’s “Immortality”

Immortality“, a 16″ x 25” giclee art print on 250 gsm archival rag paper is the latest from Vinny Naro. In a limited edition of 25, “Immortality” is signed, numbered, and with COA. Only 20 are available. Vinny will be making different screen printed color variants on black paper, each to be released in batches of 20 or so this winter.

Based on Leonardo DaVinci’sVitruvian Man drawing and its proportions, this is sci-fi concept art to the max! Made to look like it is a lost page (pg.420!) from DaVinci’s own notebook; this describes cryonic re-animation with a mechanical body. It also is a depiction of my own artistic metamorphosis. The Secret of Immortality is written in ASCII binary, backwards and the print is riddled with tons of tiny details.

These are $52.00 includes shipping. Send paypal to vinnynaro@yahoo.com

There are also 12×18″ indigo press variants available; not signed or numbered, on 100lb. uncoated stock for $20 (includes shipping) or $10 in person.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Mockingbird.

Vinny Naro Jones Beach

From PhanArtist Vinny Naro, we have his two-editions of Jones Beach prints!

The first edition is an 18×24″ Giclee art print on 250 gsm archival rag paper. Limited to 25. Each print is signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Some are hand finished w/ paint and ink. These are $40 in person on the beach or $52.00 S&H included in price.

The second edition– 12×18″ poster on 100lb. uncoated stock. Limited to 150. Each poster is signed and numbered only. These are $10 in person on the beach or $20.00 S&H included.

**Payment info- Please allow 2-3 weeks (usually less) for shipping. Send PayPal to vinnynaro@yahoo.com or snail a check/money order to Vinny’s studio. Email him for the address.

Vinny Naro Jones Beach

Vinny Naro’s”Cash (or cats) for your extra”

Gordon Shumway is the focus of PhanArtist Vinny Naro’s 11×24″ Giclee art reproduction printed on 250gsm cotton fine art paper. Only 50 of these were produced! Each print is signed and numbered by the artist in gold paint and comes with a certificate of authenticity. $30.00USD. which includes shipping. 10% of online proceeds will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation. www.mbird.org

Payment options:  Send PayPal and address to: vinnynaro@yahoo.com, or send a check/money order to: Vince Naro, 201 Prospect St. G, Endicott, NY 13760

Alf detail
Cash (or cats) for your extra

Miami Auction of 5 posters for Mockingbird

For our first auction of the year, we have a set of FIVE Miami prints with net-profits going to Mockingbird Foundation.  Individually, these prints would cost $100 total. We are starting the bidding at $50 and hope for Phish fans to be generous and get these great prints before they are all gone! Many are already sold out, and you dont want to miss out on this great lot art!

These posters were donated by the artists for this auction, and all profits from the winning auction price (not including shipping and handling) will benefit Mockingbird Foundation for music education (www.mbird.org) All posters are in mint conditions and will come rolled in the same tube. ‘Java’ John’s print will ship seperate, direct from the artist.

Good luck bidding! Peace!


Franky Scaglione
'Java' John Goldacker

Travis Mathis
Vinny Naro
Curt Holzer