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Astronaut and Voyager Golden Record Pins

From Eli Forrester come some unique Astronaut pins.

The first pin is the whats the usetronaut? Just a space-tastic phish pin.

The second pin is the Voyager Golden Record.  In 1977, NASA launched Voyager 1 and 2. Each satellite carried a gold record containing the “Murmurs of Earth,” a collection of sights and sounds that would act as a time capsule of our planet and species should any intelligent life form intercept the satellites along the way. Carl Sagan and a team of colleagues were responsible for deciding what information would be included on the records: how to say “hello” in 100+ languages, music from around the world, bird calls, thunder, and much more. The image on the pin is the same as the cover of the the actual records. Check out a detailed explanation of the designs on the pin here.

The quote on the back of the pin are the words that somebody (most likely Carl Sagan) secretly scribbled onto the records shortly before the satellites were supposed to be launched. Since everything aboard these satellites must be totally sterile and to exact specification, whoever wrote it almost compromised the entire mission.  But the records got sent out anyways and they are still in transit, en route to the nearest planetary systems which should take about 40,000 years.

Both pins are double posted and limited edition of 100. $15 each and free shipping. Eli is donating $1 from every pin sold through PhanArt to Mockingbird Foundation. For more info on the golden record click here

Astronaut pin

Voyager Record pin