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Jamie Lee Meyer’s Curveball Print Available Now

While the weekend we all had planned with Phish in Watkins Glen was a wash, it would have been a real tragedy if the art from our scene never saw the light of day. Thankfully many artists, including Jamie Lee Meyer, have released their Curveball work for fans to see and acquire. If you are a collector of phanart, you know Jamie’s work well. Her stunning Baker’s Dozen print was so perfect it sold out at the NYC Phanart Shows last summer and her effort this season is no less spectacular. Once again Jamie nails it! Her execution presages what certainly would have been a weekend among the heavenly spheres. A Limited Edition of 200 signed prints  of Jamie’s Curveball poster have been released for sale with proceeds going to Watkins Glen Flood relief funds. The Ball may not have happened, but you can still grab a piece of the art and help the community. Only $22 – Order yours here!

Jiggslot Curveball Poster Is Here!

Inspired by the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, this new Watkins Glen Poster is a  4 color hand pulled screen print sized at 12.5 x 8.5 inches on 100 lb. cover stock. Featuring metallic ink. Limited run of 100. Each print is signed and numbered.

$25 shipped. Posters are shipped wrapped in craft paper in a 3 inch diameter Yazoo Mills heavy duty tube with Priority Shipping.

Order here.

Watkins Glen Viking Shirts and Stickers

Viking Warrior at Festival X. A girl begins to levitate…
That’s right! Viking Shirts are back to commemorate the Watkins Glen – Festival X.  Featuring The Humble Viking on the front and a brand new Watkins Glen design on the back, these Sport Grey shirts are printed on Gilden 50/50 Blend for longevity and the zero shrinkage factor. AND Each shirt comes with a FREE Watkins Glen Commemorative Sticker! But order yours soon because this is a Limited Edition release of only 50 and just like the Glen these shirts are going to sell out! Available in M, L, and XL for $20 plus shipping and handling.  XXL shirts available for $23. Available on Etsy  – Order yours HERE!

il_570xN.816637892_pm0jAlso available are Humble Viking’s Premium Vinyl Die-Cut ‘Viking’ and ‘Watkins Glen’ Stickers. Lot prices – 1 for $3 or 2 for $5 available on Etsy and at the Glen! And 10% of all proceeds go to benefit the Mockingbird Foundation.  So help yourself and others out – Get them while supplies last!



Ben Whitesell Watkins Glen and Phish Heads prints

Ben created a poster for Phish’s Superball IX Festival held over the 4th of July holiday weekend at Watkins Glen. And for those of you looking for something not specific to a show, he has released a series of minimalist portraits of the boys, each inscribed with lyrics specific to each band member.

The Superball IX poster is 13×19 printed on enhanced matte paper and is a limited run of 30 posters, each signed and numbered by Ben and is available for $15.

The “Phish Heads”, are 8×10 printed on fine art velvet and each is a limited run of 20, and can be purchased for $8 each.

All prints are available at Ben’s new website www.movingthemerch.com

Superball IX poster from Maria DiChiappari

This is the original concert lot poster by artist Maria DiChiappari for PHISH at Superball IX in Watkins Glen, NY 2011. This poster is printed on 11×17 on card stock in a limited edition of only 200 and is signed and numbered.

Hang the poster up to help you remember an incredible weekend of PHISH and even rub that Ganesh’s belly for good fortune!  Made with love!!


Erin Cadigan SuperBall IX PinBall Wizard Posters

Phanartist Erin Cadigan has some posters left from the EPIC Superball 9 festival. If you couldn’t find her on lot or didn’t get a chance to grab them when you did spot her. There are very few of the pearlized versions left and not too many of the felted left either. Grab one or a set while they last!

Erin Cadigan
‘s SuperBall IX posters are based on 1970’s pinball back glass art with a set of two Super Ballers selling LIVE Phish. PINBALL WIZARD : Super Baller 1 has Scoreboards say : 7 1 2 3 11 (July 1, 2,3 2011) ; 6 45148 ( the 8 has some faulty lights so upside down it reads PhiSh 9) ; BONUS ; BALL; (because festies are always a bonus!) This cat girl (cats have 9 lives) is holding a rocket for the 4th celebration and selling funky fresh phish. 4 CAN PLAY**

**some deep dark funk

PINBALL WIZARD : Super Baller 2 has Scoreboards that say: TILT; 7 1 2 3 11; 6 45148; TILT (because we all love to get a little tilted!). This cat girl is wearing a Party Time tee and selling Live Phish 1 for 3, 2 for 5. 4 CAN PLAY**

**some bad ass jams

PINBALL WIZARD #1 and #2 are each in an edition of 65. The first 30 of each poster are printed on PEARLIZED Paper, while the final 35 are printed on Corando Felted 80lb cover. All posters are signed and numbered and measure 12″x18″. Cost for these prints: $25 for 1 or 2 for $40 + $3.50 S+H Go to PAYPAL and send payment to erin@souloak.com

Pre-SuperBall IX artist and glass blowers gathering on Keuka Lake 6/30

Seth Olney who operates the The Olney Place in the middle of the east side of Keuka lake is offering up his space on the Thursday night before the festival begins on June 30th at 6:30pm for a pre SuperBall IX CrazyRedBeard art show. While this is not an official poster show, it will feature lots of prints, paintings, pins, shirts and you’ll get first shot before lot at any SuperBall IX merch available. There will be live music and live painting as well.

CrazyRedBeard is looking to make this a truly unique experience that people will remember, as well as a nice pre-jam before the jelly, if you will. He is also looking to incorporate a few local glass blowers as well.

From Seth, a preview of The Olney Place and Keuka Lake…

“Keuka lake has a unique shape that has inspired many an artist. “Oddly enough we live in Yates County and the lake is shaped like the letter “Y”…its a very magical place. It’s so beautiful…on that weekend, it will be awe inspiring.I really hope the Phish scene has a chance to explore this place…we will def help them. It’s a small adventure just getting from Watkins to here. Back roads, along water, laced with wineries and vineyards.”

About The Olney Place 823 East Lake Road, Penn Yan, NY 14527 Hours Mon – Sat: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Sun: 7:00 am – 2:00 pm. This place is a one stop shop for those last minute items needed to maximize your time on beautiful Keuka Lake. By land or by lake, it’s The Olney Place. Park on the street or on Lot. Phone 315-536-5454

Please contact crazyredbeard@crazyredbeard.com with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Watkins Glen print from AJ Masthay to be revealed on lot…

From AJ Masthay:

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

With SuperBall just a few weeks away I’ve been getting inquiries about whether or not I’ll be doing anything for it. Short answer, yes. Actually, Ill be doing three prints, but not a triptych, instead Ill have a single large print along with two “mini-prints”. All three will be available separately, although there will be a nice discount for buying the three together.

I know, you’re saying “Great AJ, that’s all well and good, but this email is useless with pictures!” Well, for the first time in a long long time, I will be selling these prints exclusively in the lots. Yup, going old school, no sneak peeks, no internet sales, no paypal. (Okay, if anything is left over they’ll go up on the website, but only if there are leftovers…) Glen Close camping will be the home base for us at SBIX, but Ill be venturing out with my wares and will likely end up wherever Shakedown is. So long as I get a cell signal, Ill be tweeting/facebooking my location to help folks find me if they are so inclined. Be sure to follow/friend me if you’d like to get updates.