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Whalecaller Pins from Jiggs

One of Jiggs‘ most popular shirts from 2010 returns as a pin! This high quality cloisonne style pin, measuring 1″ by 3/4″ features 3 colors: blue, white, and green against silver metal, producing a nice contrast. It also has two posts to keep the pin in place.

The pins are $10 each, plus $2 shipping. You can order as many pins as you like, and the shipping will stay at $2.

There will only 100 of these pins produced, so get them while you can!

Order them here

Whalecallers Hoodie Auction for Mockingbird

If you missed your shot to pre-order a Whalecallers shirt or hoodie, now’s your chance to get one for a good cause. A brand new size XL Whalecallers Hoodie is up for auction thanks to Jiggs. Every single penny of the winning bid goes directly from Jiggs Lot to The Mockingbird Foundation.

The auction will run from today through next Friday (Oct. 1st). The winning bidder will also receive a free sticker with the same design featured. The item will ship immediately after the bidding ends. You will likely get the item in about 3 days.

Put a bid in today! Click here to bid.