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When Wookies Attack: Stickers from Eric Wyman

Eric Wyman is a graphic designer who lives in Portsmouth, NH.  His first show was in 1992 and although he didn’t make it to Hampton, he was looking online for imagery of what took place.  One search turned up a photo of two heads holding signs looking for tickets. One said “I HATE PHISH”. When a commenter pointed out the guy in the picture was demanding restitution for being photographed, the marriage with the wookie took place. It’s sarcastic, just like the sign.


It’s been a theme Eric constantly plays with since. You can see a couple of desktop images that he has created for some other treatments of the wook. The designs are created in a fun and playful spirit.  These stickers are 1 for $2, 3 for $5 and 10 for $15. Eric can also do magnets for an extra $1 each. please specify that in your paypal-age

1 Sticker $2.00
3 Stickers $5.00
10 Stickers $15.00