TeePublic.com: The Kickstarter for T-Shirts

The folks behind BustedTees just launched TeePublic.com, which allows ANYBODY to create a shirt, and if 30 people agree to buy it, they will print and ship the shirts for you! Think kickstarter for t-shirts. This is a great way for t-shirt designers to get their work out there. This new site has allowed Jonny Cottone to flesh out his t-shirt design and put it out on the internet.

He’s created a shirt inspired by “Run Like An Antelope”. Here is the link to his page on TeePublic.



3 thoughts on “TeePublic.com: The Kickstarter for T-Shirts”

  1. “Upload a design on TeePublic.com using our design template. You’ll immediately get your own product page where your design is for sale. Then, it’s up to you to get 30 people to “fund” your design within 30 days. If you succeed, we’ll print your design and ship it out to everyone who funded it. There is no limit on how many designs you can sell and once your design is funded, it can stay on the site for good. You’ll get $5 for every shirt you sell. Once your design reaches its goal and goes to print, we’ll send you an email and will ask you to re-format your design so it’s “print ready.” That’s it, you’re done. Add as many shirts as you wish to site, build followers and make money!”

    sorry man, that is a total rip off. you get $5 for your art? they make $15 a shirt, does that sound fair? I could have printed these for you for around $5 including the shirt and you would have made $15 per shirt. designers, please do not fall for this scam. And they are not screen printed, direct to garment digital printing on a knock off brand shirt. leaves something to be desired for the quality. the reality is this……this shirt and printing cost them maybe 3 bucks. this is the worst deal i’ve ever seen.

    1. Hey John,

      You make some valid points but you’re missing the fact that for zero upfront investment, I now have an online t-shirt store to present my designs and can sell them to anyone, anywhere in the world. I also don’t have to worry about inventory, printing, order processing, shipping, etc. I had the same concerns regarding quality but TeePublic advised that they use the alstyle 5301 blank which is either 100% cotton or 90/10 cotton poly blend for this heather. I just got my shirt and it’s got a nice handfeel and weight and you’d have no idea it wasn’t screen printed.

      1. I hear ya man but this is seriously a 1 color design, this would cost you no more then $5 a shirt, you keep the lions share of the profit. as far as online stores? i recommend etsy or if you really want to get into the business big cartel. who do these hold up in the wash?

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