The Art of Lauren Domsky

Lauren Domsky is a starving artist and recent college graduate who has recently taken up painting within the last couple months. She came up with several ideas for paintings, each one based on Phish lyrics. Harry Hood was the first one created as a birthday present for her brother (Harry Hood is his favorite Phish song).

Lauren attended the Hershey show and both Camden shows and sold her prints in the lots.  Some positive sales led to more art being created upon the return trip home.

After completing Harry Hood, she began asking her brother’s friends what their favorite phish songs were.  The Slave to the Traffic Light painting is dedicated to Mr. Michael Nesson, an avid Phish fan and concert goer.

Lauren now has nine Phish paintings and each one has been made into prints. She has always been inspired by Phish’s unique lyrics and has finally found a way to express the songs and lyrics she has adored for so many years.

Water in the Sky is Lauren’s most recent painting which was inspired by the first night of Camden, 6/24/10. When she heard Trey singing the words on stage, Lauren suddenly had a vision of lips sighing beneath a landscape of clouds and drops of rain. The next day she immediately began working on the painting.

As of now, she has made 5 prints of each of the 9 paintings so supplies are limited! The prints cost $20.00 each. They measure 11” x 18”.

You can see more of Lauren’s work at more at


Roll away the Dew
Beauty of a Broken Heart
Squirming Coil of Sunset
Fly Famous Mockingbird
Mike Gordon Owl
Water in the Sky

5 thoughts on “The Art of Lauren Domsky”

  1. Hey Lo
    Loved the work!! Very creative. I am totally impressed.
    I liked all the differnt thoughts you expressed.
    Look forward tp seeing more.

  2. Laurs,

    Well I’ll be !!!!!

    They are freakin Awesome !!!!

    I never expected the beauty and the color selections are so vivid !!!

    Keep it up. JD

  3. Wow Lauren

    These paintings are great…I cant stop looking at both the Fly Famous Mocking Bird and the Squirming coil one…I really want to see the Squirming Coil poster in person. I want you to keep up the good work. I also think the rolling away the dew is very unique and have not seen anything like it. Your ability to capture what particular phish songs are like is amazing. I was wondering what artists you like that are inspirations for you. Also, what shows are you thinking of going to for the second summer tour 2010. I would hope you are going to some so have the chance to see them in person. I am going to telluride and joans beach…hope to see you there.. Love Mike D…MAKE A TELLURIDE POSTER…it would look soooooo good with the mountains and small town atmosphere.

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