The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

You know the story and may have even read The Book. Now you can capture a piece of Gamehendge’s indelible narrative with this beautifully detailed pin from Colleen Slebzak.  The third in the artist’s series, Colleen’s unique ability to articulate her aesthetic interpretation of the Gamehendge story is as clear as ever. Follow the tale of Colonel Forbin told in the chiseled contours of his face. And then let your eyes be drawn further into the scene to the fabled door to the Land of Lizards.

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

Measuring 2″ high by 1.75″ wide –  This Limited Edition of 150, “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday” Pin, features Dual Layers  with an Antiqued Silver Frame and Translucent Enamels. Each Pin comes with the accompanying narrative on an antique looking scroll. And for Only $22 shipped this Pin is a must have for anyone who loves the tale of Gamhendge. Order yours Here! 



One thought on “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday”

  1. This entire series is phenomenal. Colleen has brought a breath of fresh air to pinning with her talented and unique interpretations. Im proud to collect them and even more proud to count her amongst my friends.

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