Three year anniversary of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish

Three years ago today a party was held in Troy, NY to celebrate the publication of a most unique book, PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. The night started with a dinner for friends, artists and family before heading next door to Revolution Hall (RIP) for the party. With a semi-brief* intro about the book from the author, The McLovins debuted in New York followed by Long Island’s own The Flow performing two sets of Phish covers.

The night was four and a half years in the making, starting shortly after Coventry. That night we sold 1/5 of the first printing (250) and started what would lead to over $5800 in donations for The Mockingbird Foundation through Today PhanArt is donating $500 from the sale of the book and will donate another another $500 with the sale of the final copies of PhanArt. The first edition will not be reprinted, although it is available for sale as an ebook for Kindle, iPad and Nook and soon will be available for the Sony Tablet.

Check out a slideshow of pictures of the book here

The future of PhanArt is bright, with the first printing remaining as an ebook, with all profits from the sale benefiting The Mockingbird Foundation. Later this year, PhanArt: 2009 will feature all the art from the first year of the return of Phish, as well as interviews and articles on the Phish community in the ‘3.0’ era. This edition will be designed by Josh Jacobs, adding graphic design experience to the layout and design of PhanArt. Yearly editions of PhanArtwill be created to compile the art which makes the Phish community so unique.

If you would like to pick up one of the final 5 books, get one here. Thank you all for your continued support of PhanArt and support for ALL the artists who’s creativity went into the book and is featured on the website. PhanArt will continue its mission to compile and preserve art created by Phish fans for the Phish community and in the course of such work, to also benefit The Mockingbird Foundation, raising funds for music education.

Coming soon, there will be a new way to donate to The Mockingbird Foundation through PhanArt. Stay tuned for details

*not very brief

art by Ryan Kerrigan



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