Tim Ripley’s “East Meets West – Phish Commerce City 13”

Tim Ripley has released his Phish Commerce City 2013 poster, “East Meets West”. This five color screenprint measures 22″ x 16″ and is printed on 150 lb acid free 30% p/c recycled paper. If you disregard the ring of fish, there are 30 fish scattered throughout the design, a nod to Phish’s 30th year.

Each poster, including shipping, handling, insurance and confirmation costs $33. If you won’t be at Dick’s, you can reserve one by emailing Tim: timothyripley /@/ hotmail. Tim will be at Dick’s on lot with these posters, so keep an eye out for him there!

Tim has offered to donate a poster to benefit Mockingbird Foundation. Thanks Tim!


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