Top 10 best lot items on tour this fall!

10. Keep Trey Sober sticker – there have been a few things in poor taste relating to Trey’s sobriety. This is not one of them. It’s a good idea. A group effort is needed in all recovery from addiction. Keep that in mind. IMG_5762 9. Ph1-N1 shirt – Created by John Warner and Jduballstars; a nice nod to the flu that came and went faster than it takes to play the song this shirt is themed after. ph1-n1-front ph1-n1-back 8. Andrew Abis MSG – This poster tells a ton of stories about the band playing MSG. This is GREAT art! Pick it up by emailing Andrew at – $35 with free shipping!

Andrew Abis MSG
Andrew Abis MSG

7. Phenster’s pins – unique as hell, and not the rip-offs of the logo that a few people had the cojones to parade around (you know who you are). Noah keeps coming up with hits, and the pins look to be a regular top 10 feature, if these are any indication!

6. Albany Lot Shirts – created by two hometown fans for two hometown shows.

albany phish shirt 5. Jiggs’ Ghost shirt – An Instant Classic. Up there with Glide/Tide in the Phish Lot pantheon of shirts. mailgooglecom3367390 4. Steve Rogers Syracuse Poster – Orange and Proud of it! Sick hometown show too! Syracuse Complete 3. God Says Jerry’s Fine Indio Church shirt – yes, we know, its from Indio, but everyone on lot who saw this wanted one. We still want to know where to get one even! If you made it, or know who made it, get us in touch with the creator! IMG950334

2. AJ Masthay Atlas MSG – Sold out the day it went on sale, with an iconic image and Masthay’s 8 color linoleum block print. A highly sought after poster. So when does he get to start making the official posters? MSG_Atlas

1. Bobbleheads – these have been the hottest item throughout Phish land, and equally so, a reported pain to the Phish management. Technically, they arent legit, since they bear the resemblance of the members of the band, but at the same time, they are so amazingly put together and designed.  You cannot deny that, and as much as you want one, you probably cant afford one, since they are going for over $100 on ebay at any given time.

For the record, no, we don’t know where to get them, as we have been looking for the creator and that has been to no avail. Please, don’t ask. This mystery man/woman has chosen to remain unknown. Let’s respect that.




5 thoughts on “Top 10 best lot items on tour this fall!”

  1. bobblehead guy was in portland, too. 40$ and we was desperate to sell as many as possible (he had mike and trey). the next day, i kicked myself when i saw what they sell for on ebay.

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