Touropoly: Play the Game, Rage the Lot!

From Phish fan extraordinaire Amy F. Fischer, comes the new touring-based board game TOUROPOLY. Born and raised in Utica and a resident of Albany, Amy F. Fischer is one of the coolest fans you will meet. She has come up with a fantastic idea that fans will love for years to come. See the details below the board.

The full color game includes:

• 6 game pieces designed after people you see in the lot,
• Property cards representing 21 music venues across America,
• Karma and Luck cards, including 10 “make your own” cards so you can add your own flare to the game!,
• 30 Pop Up vending tents (instead of hotels and houses) – because the more pop-ups you have in a lot, the better!,
• Money, dice, directions, etc…,
• GROUND SCORE! doubles as the “free parking” spot,

The cost is $40 for the Deluxe Edition (plus shipping and handling). If you are interested in a copy, please visit or email or buy one below.

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