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Store Release 9.23.11



TRiPPs Prints  will be releasing three vibrant new prints tomorrow: Friday, September 23rd at 9am MST. These prints are the first pieces available in the State Print series, announced earlier this year.


The State Print series will include a single print for each of the 50 United States. Each state was picked at random from a jar. They are being released in the order in which they were chosen.



Every print illustrates a natural attraction within the state. The name and outline of the state, as well as the number each was when admitted into the union of the United States of America are also displayed on every print. 


The first piece, “California”,  is a hand printed silk screen on cotton paper. This 5 color print depicts Yosemite National Park .



The second piece, Missouri, is also a hand printed silk screen on cotton paper. This 5 color print illustrates the Lake of the Ozarks.    


The third piece, Georgia, is a hand printed silk screen on cotton paper as well. This 5 color print  is of Okefenokee Swamp at dusk.


Printed using archival inks and natural mineral fibers, these prints are 100% archival and will not fade.


Each of these were printed in an edition of 50, with only 35 of each state being released for purchase.


In addition to these prints, we will also be releasing a very limited number of the following prints:

Denver PH 2011 night two Denver PH 2011 night three

Dick’s nights two & three

Clarkston PH Bethel PH

Clarkston & Bethel Woods

Cinncy PH Cuyahoga Falls PH

Cinncinati & Cuyahoga Falls

Darien PH 2011


Deer Creek PH 2009 Asheville PH 2009

Deer Creek “Pheelin Phine” 2009


Asheville “Phunky Town” 2009


ALL of these prints will be available beginning tomorrow, Friday, September 23rd @ 9am MST on

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