Tube pins from Jiggs

from Jiggs:

This is one of the first 2009 designs I did, and it sold as a shirt during the 2009 Hampton Run. The pin version is polished silver, red, and white. The 1.25″ inch pin is a cloisonne style, features two posts, the Jiggs logo stamp on the back, and is the first Jiggs pin to be numbered (1-100). There will be no re-print. If you would like to try for a particular number, please indicate that within your PayPal order and I will do my best to get as close as I can to the number you request. I cannot guarantee you a certain number. Pins are $10 each with $2 for shipping.

Pins will begin shipping out (approximately) Tuesday October 4th. Only 60 are being made available right now.

Order one here

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