Twist-a-Round/Tilt-a-Whirl shirts from Jiggs

Getting on the Tilt – a – Whirl was always hit or miss with me. I can remember enjoying the hell out of it at the fair, and other times there may have been a little too much funnel cake involved. Inspired by the county fair ride, these Twist -a- Round shirts feature a 3 color front/3 color back design. The colors on the example are approximate. The spinning Tilt -a- Whirl car will be smaller and centered between the shoulder blades on the back of the shirt. The text under the car reads simply “Woo!”. The design is printed on light blue. Replacement garment colors will be selected for non-traditional sizes. Please no custom colors and no special orders.

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I’m changing up the men’s shirts and going with a Gildan Heavy (5000) instead of Ultra. The shirt weight is about a half an ounce lighter than what I normally use (5.3), so a nice lighter color, lighter weight summer shirt. The ladies shirts will be Bella (64000L). The long sleeves will be the usual Gildans (2400) that I use. You can Google any of these styles along with “Gildan” to look up sizing charts.


This is a pre-order. I am only ordering enough to cover these orders, and maybe a handful more. These will not be in the lot this summer (unless you wear it to leg 2 shows, of course!). Orders will be open until Sunday, June 12th at noon EST. After that it will take about 10 days for me to get the shirts, and for them to start mailing out to you. That will put them arriving to you sometimes at the end of June. Please check the about page before ordering.

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