Update: Help get PhanArt in your local library!

A few months ago we asked fans to help get PhanArt into local libraries. Well, a few months later, we have some success to report on.

PhanArt can now be found in the following libraries throughout America:

Albany Public Library, Albany, NY
Bird Library at Syracuse University
Suzzallo Library at Washington University
The Library at The University of California, Berkeley

Thank you to all who helped us out with this effort.

We are asking fans to help us out again, to send an email to your local library and ask them to buy PhanArt for their collection. By doing so, they will A) have a one of a kind book in their collection and B) support music education nationwide.

Find your local library by going here:

1) After you find your local library’s website and look for the link to ‘Recommend a book‘ or ’Suggest a title‘. This is typically how the library looks into purchasing new titles. If for some reason, you aren’t able to find a link like this, most libraries have a keyword search tool where you can search for ‘recommend‘ or ‘suggest‘ to help you find out where to make a request of this nature. Once you’ve done this, pass the word along to any friends who would be willing to help and ask them to do the same.

1a) If you go to college, go to that library’s site and do the same – colleges have already shown interest in purchasing PhanArt, as there is a greater demand for the book at colleges and universities.

2) Put in the information about PhanArt:
Title: PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish
Author: Pete Mason
Website: www.phanart.net/blog
Make sure to note that the only place to buy it is the website, so they don’t go looking for it in the wrong place. And especially note that net profits benefit Mockingbird Foundation, which supports music education nationwide.

Tell them about the book so they are familiar with the title and seek it out. Libraries are always looking for new books, so submit a recommendation and get PhanArt in your library. Of course this means if they buy it you have a copy to check out of your local library! Check it out, share with friends, and return the book so you don’t get fined.

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